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  • Thomas

    It is nice that there is this one year window. But after all this time, evidence of the abuse will be sparse.

    We need to encourage victims to report the crime to the proper authorities (not the church) in a timely manner so these creeps can be prosecuted for their crimes .

  • Pologize3

    What other organization with a vast history of abusing children would we allow in our communities? You can worship how you want without attending a church or supporting organized religion.

  • Bob Liato

    The Baptists are just as bad. Jerry Fallwell Jr of Liberty University, the leader of Evangelicals had sex with the pool boy and his wife in that Miami Hotel. Trump bribed Fallwell to endorse him. Take away Tax exemptions from all churches, they have manipulated this to take in tons of money....Hillsong, Mega churches, Central Church, all the big churches are raking in tons of money and giving their staff 400,000 annual salaries and more for the ministers. Lock them all up. "My house shall be called a house of Prayer." More Baptists are sexual predators than beloved Catholics.

  • Joe

    How much longer are we as a society going to allow this global ring of child abusers to continue operating? These organizations are exactly why we have RICO. It’s time to stop them from scamming millions and save all the children anywhere near this monster organization

  • gary myers

    The catholic church is dying and can only blame itself

  • Marie

    Tell me again why Harry Potter books are being banned?

  • BobJones

    I'm going to write books that tell you there is only one true church, but I'm not going to tell you which one it is. I'll let you fight wars over it.


  • TexWho

    Do not expect Catholic Priests to give up their oldest and most sacred tradition without a fight.

  • Mr Wayne

    What is a vow of celibacy? Does a vow of celibacy apply only to adult women? Are there exceptions for children? Somebody, preferably Catholic, explain this to me.

  • Keith

    why doesn't this apply to public schools?

  • Fatesrider

    Dear ABCNews:

    When reporting on yet another one of these sex abuse cases on the part of the Catholic Church, please provide a running total of such claims dating back to at least 1960 as part of the article. That way, readers will see the tens (or potentially hundreds) of thousands of allegationsand get some perspective on the subject.

    Piecemeal reporting like this doesn't really do that justice.

  • GoAViking

    Ban this criminal organization!