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  • rosaliecesar

    The Kremlin interference into the elction of the US president was so obvious that a top spy was not really needed inside the Kremlin.,in my opinion.
    You had the hacking of Hillarry Clinton s emails,the publishing by Wikipedia ,the thousands of messages by Russian trolls on every forum etc

    However the CIA did well extracting one of their Russian moles because D.Trump might have told his "friend" V.Putin about him when he badmouthed Us Intelligence during the 2017 meeting with Vlad.

  • Thomas

    Perhaps the less published about this the better?

  • pbgd

    Of course the Kreml knows who the spy is, at least since the day he has been missing.

  • 0pusPenguin

    I sincerely hope our media doesn't expose the Russian spy that has infiltrated the trump administration.. It might derail his reelection chances next year.

  • sane one

    Really don't think it was very smart revealing this. Very irresponsible and shows how unpatriotic the media has become. This would've never even been a thought in WWII.

  • Lewis Sckolnick

    Well at least this is not happening out in public

  • Mike

    It's no big deal. Their spy works in our senate. Good ole Moscow Mitch

  • Forward forward

    Unfortunately, we know about the Israeli asset that Mr Trump outed to 'the Sergeys' in the White House, just to try to be a big shot. We don't know if Mr Trump got him killed, or if they were able to extract him before the bad guys got him.
    Somebody close to his buddy Putin would be in grave danger from Mr Trump's loose lips. I hope we can keep him and his family safe. I hope Mr Trump has no clue where he is, and if he asks, I hope they lie to him.

  • IMHO

    I wonder if Homeland Security has any means to detect radioactive poisons. That appears to the favourite Russian method for "off-ing" ex-spies and dissidents. Maybe DHS should be extra cautious in case the KGB (yes that agency went out with the former Soviet Union but for all intents and purposes, they still exist) decide to come after this former operative here on American soil. The last time this happened in the UK, the assassins left a radioactive mess contaminating a whole bunch of bystanders and surroundings.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Tom Clancy where are you?

  • cephalo

    So this guy helped the U.S, and some reporter decided to put that man's life on the line for a good story. Now that Russia has been publicly humiliated, he will have to be killed by some exotic poison only available in Russia.

  • JohnC

    So apparently Trump feels we should not use foreign assets for intelligence. That sort of thinking would have lost us WWII and likely led to a very different world now

  • Mike

    At least we know the Russian asset working here in the USA. Isn't that right , Moscow Mitch?

  • mik8888

    The speculation runs rampant, even within Russia...this could be a ploy to get some official to name the guy, so don't put too much stock in it...frankly, I'm more afraid of someone in our government leaking the guy's identity...

  • muttleysgone

    Was this reporting accurate? Did CNN, the Times, or even ABC establish it as true? Check on it yourselves and see.

  • JDunn13

    They were right to get the asset out, Trump cannot be trusted.