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  • gaucho25

    I find it amazing when the intellectuals
    on their mountain cast dispersions on those at the bottom. There is 30%
    unemployment is SA. People cannot feed their children themselves. Other Africans are taking their jobs. IN the US the
    blue collar worker has been decimated and they call them Racists when they are
    opposed to immigration. In SA they call it xenophobia. Lets see what label
    they place on you when you react cause YOUR family is starving?

    You arrogant jerks

  • Stephen Henry

    I thought there was only racial tensions in the U.S. after listening to Kaepernick.

  • Kalinysta

    So it's not just in Europe and America that xenophobia exists; seems like it's the whole blasted planet. When will people wake up and realize we're all human beings and those "differences" are so minor as to be nonexistent?

  • yaknowwhat

    Wow, they first started going after white people, now going after black people. Looks like the previous racist society can't hold a candle to this one.