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  • Kjn Dave

    Yet again a Politician blaming and victimizing the law abiding citizens of the USA. I understand that mass shootings are hard emotionally and we all want justice, but when will the real reason for this madness be looked at seriously-I understand we all get angry sometimes but this does not make us want to go out and commit horrific acts. People who go out and shoot innocent victims are crazy. There is something seriously wrong with them, but no one wants to say that because we will be offending the mentally and emotionally ill. Instead, they don't mind blaming innocent law abiding gun owners. If we did look at mental illness as the problem, then they would have to admit that the mental health industry in the USA sucks. They took this away from our insurance as it was not of importance, maybe it was just costing the insurance companies too much, because we were using it! Now, to see a therapist, it costs hundreds of dollars, and who can afford that?

    The politicians are being unconstitutional by passing and trying to pass more of these laws. All of them are unconstitutional. The 2nd amendment prevents Government interaction, but they don't listen and continue to break the law themselves.
    How many mass shootings have happened in neighborhoods where guns are carried? Like Oakland or Richmond? I know shootings happen there, but do mass shootings. They almost always occur in Gun Free Zones, or places where guns are outlawed and not carried. And, let's not forget, that these people that commit mass shootings get the guns ILLEGALLY, some are under the age limit to buy them, shoot at a gun free zone, and a lot of them are BULLY VICTIMS. But let's not discuss that.

    And if he also admitted that this insurance will not cover intentional conduct, then why the hell is he pushing this? The whole idea was to compensate shooting victims, but if it is intentional, how does that work if the insurance will not cover such an act?
    I don't know, I am just a lonely redheaded Australian, living in the land of the lost, with a British mother that is half Irish! So, nothing makes sense to me anymore!

  • c0reDump

    I've suggested that gun owners be mandated to carry liability insurance many times on these discussion boards.

    Glad that the mayor has the same idea.

  • SouthSideGhost

    So, basically it’s a tax on law abiding citizens, since obviously the criminals will not do it.

    Try something better.

  • Luigi

    Not a bad idea. If you own a gun, then have some liability insurance. It is only fair to rest of us who don't own guns.

  • Kris Kouris

    Not a bad idea ,first good one I've heard in a while

  • Les Sd

    First practical idea I have heard yet... This needs to be looked into and developed in more details. Heck, we all need to get drivers' license; if a teen, usually needs to take Drivers' Education classes, must pass test both written and actual driving; then maintain insurance along with a properly equiped vehicle. It makes sense as a model to use as a guide. I guarantee an insurance company would be quite detailed in its investigation before issuing any coverage. This approach makes sense...so far.

  • Greg Smith

    Others and myself have pushed this mandate to deter gun violence and just like a car, you have no paperwork you can't register/ possess a firearm.

  • chris

    would the victim need to carry "uninsured" gun insurance in case the shooter let his policy lapse?

  • WillieWorm

    This is taxing a constitutionally protected right. It is illegal and won't stand up in court. Licardo is a political dolttt

  • Just4Fun1

    I can’t agree with holding a gun owner responsible for the illegal acts of the person that stole the gun.

  • amersham1046z

    It is a step in the right direction

  • Scott McNamara

    Sure! I'll do that. And while we are at it, if you operate a gun free zone and strip me my right to self-defense, you must assume all liability for my injuries.

  • rontron

    I'm sure all the outlaws in CA will comply, must be another deep thinking Democrat politician.

  • Ăskew

    Apparently the 2-legs I live with have to "license" me every year too

  • BfloAmanda

    Didn't the SCOTUS strike down part of Obamacare because they said it is illegal to fine/tax someone that doesn't want to carry insurance? Isn't this pretty much the same concept?

  • Albe123

    I wonder if the mayor has a insurance company in mind to carry this firearm liability insurance? Wonder what his relationship is to that company? Never let a tragedy go to waste

  • sixstrings

    maybe congress should pass a law requiring every adult in the country to buy a gun because we are all in the stream of interstate commerce and are all directly or indirectly reliant at some point in our lives upon the police and military for local protection and national defense...and anyone who doesn't buy a gun has to pay a fine.

  • myopinionpal

    Here in North Carolina they require Mopeds and Scooter riders to carry liability insurance. As for guns it might not be a bad idea.

  • Walt Maueroeder

    Let's look at this reasonably. This "liability" insurance would go only towards accidental discharge and if your gun was used by someone else in a crime, but not for the owner purposely using it. So, if the gun was stolen and reported stolen, is the owner still liable for the actions of the thief? I would assume not. So, how many incidents would this liability insurance cover vs the amount of gun owners who would have to pay into insurance? This is a new scam that shows the Democrats are puppets of the insurance companies for having people pay huge premiums that is way more that what would be paid out, which means huge profits for insurance companies and a burden on legal gun owners.

  • sixstrings

    The mayor needs to learn about how insurance works, how it is regulated and the exclusions that apply to things like intentional and criminal conduct.

  • Ryn Wright

    Why can't we have the same standards to operate a gun as we do to operate a vehicle? Renewable licensing, periodic testing, insurance. There also needs to be uniform storage requirements. If you're going to complain that it's not the fault of law-abiding citizens that thugs get hold of guns then these same law-abiding citizens need to quit leaving them in the unsecured glove compartment of their vehicle overnight instead of in their homes where they actually might need it.

  • thenitenurse

    I have always thought like with the responsibility of owning a car or a house you should carrying insurance. Likewise a gun should also carrying the need for insurance as well.

  • Fatesrider

    Gun advocates are always comparing their guns to cars (with respect to fatalities), so they should be FINE with requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance. We have to with cars, and they're not even designed to kill people like firearms are.

    Guns aren't "tools". They're weapons. Seems to me that having liability insurance for the damage a weapon causes is among the best ideas for gun safety I've heard.

  • FasterBadger

    "He acknowledged that insurers won't cover intentional conduct by a gun owner."

    In other words, it does nothing but burden law abiding citizens.