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  • CandyLouTN

    Tennessee lawmakers need to get a backbone!!!!!

  • Brandon Jones

    Doctors will be forced to be reluctant to perform abortions to save a life because they don't want to risk revocation of their license or jail time. In turn, family members will sue and probably win because the doctor failed to perform their duties.

  • JuPMod

    No cost will be too high for these anti-abortion people. They'll keep fighting even if it costs their state billions of dollars.


    I can guarantee it will cost taxpayers.

    Why? I live in Alabama, and taxpayer money is used to pay lawyers in the inevitable lawsuits that are brought up against these bills. The Republicans will waste the money in an attempt to pander to their base while still calling themselves "fiscally" conservative.

  • Jim Bonds

    If Republicans "truly" wanted to reduce abortions, then they would be working on the causes of unwanted pregnancies. Which means that they focus first on providing quality sex education (along with making sure kids know the tremendous financial and life long responsibilities that come along with it), and you make sure that you have no cost or very low cost birth control, and you work on social programs so that families don't have to decide between bringing another mouth to feed and feeding their current family. But Republicans always do the wrong things to address it. I think that they don't want to bother doing anything about the real problem so that they can trot it out to gullible voters each time around.

  • Truthfully

    Women why the heII are you giving these Old Guys the right to rule your healthcare and life??
    A women's HEALTHCARE is NO ones business except HER'S and HER Family !!
    republican party is Rights for Men but NONE for women!

  • Dean Spears

    I am all for a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy, I am more right than left leaning Independent, I am this way because I know the right only cares for the child when it is inside the woman and does not give two craps about the child once it is born.

  • Midwesttalkingpoints

    May the ghosts of Charles Whitman, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones visit the Tennessee Republican caucus....... and lets see who's left...

  • El Cid

    If they want to challenge things, fine; make a case and see if it stands up. But good grief, don't waste good money just by being ill-prepared.

  • unusual

    ...proposed legislation seeking to ban abortion once a pregnancy is detected

    Okay - why would anyone seek an abortion before they know they are pregnant? Just for the heck of it? In other words, this is a complete ban on all abortions with no exceptions. What's next from the GOP - a mandate that all women of childbearing age must become pregnant and bear at least one child per year for the duration of their childbearing years?

  • Not Fancy

    The vols usually have a pretty good football team though.

  • StillStrong

    If you think God is against abortion, guess again. Numbers 5:11-31 said husbands can demand abortions, even gave how-to instructions. Exodus 21:22-23 assigned a punishment for not paying for an abortion, not to getting one. The Talmud Yevamot 69B said an embryo is mere water. God performed a lot of abortions in Hosea 9:14; Hosea 13:16; 2 Kings 8:12; 2 Kings 15:16. Just to name a few. God is definitely pro-abortion. Read that book sometime.

  • StillStrong

    I lived in TN for two years, and I'd fist-fight God never to see TN again. The land is beautiful. The people are butt-stupid. Just as stupid as worms. So this doesn't surprise me. They should count on a huge wave of drug abuse and child abuse after this, and a whole new generation of criminals. Just mountains of all of it because these people are NOT educated and they are filled to the brim with hate. Not all of them, just 99.4% of the natives. I'd choose FL over TN any day of the week, twice on Sundays.

  • Ctrygrl

    A handful of Tennessee Republican lawmakers are trying to garner enough
    support to ban abortions once a woman learns she is pregnant.

    This is stupid even for republicans

  • poultrygeist

    There have been women who never knew they were pregnant until they went into labor.

  • Grampa S 2.0

    Did Joseph Heller write this bill?

  • Rubber Banned

    I dont understand the obsession that the GOP has with banning abortion when they couldn't care less what happens to the child once born.

  • Cammosutra

    So you can only get an abortion when you don't know you are pregnant?

    I suppose you should only be able to get a cast before you break your arm too, by that logic.

  • sixstrings

    "A handful of Tennessee Republican lawmakers are trying to garner enough support to ban abortions once a woman learns she is pregnant."

    how does one go about seeking an abortion before they even know they're pregnant?

  • tet1953

    Did I read this correctly? They want to ban abortions once a woman learns she is pregnant, before that is ok?

  • Bryan

    These southern states sure love giving their money away to lawyers.

  • BlueHouston

    Talk about scaring away the educated and the talented.

    The next generation of Tennessee youth may never learn to read or write.

  • j tennum

    What a bunch of ignorant hillbillies. Every single person is Tennessee knows a woman who has had an abortion and is glad she did and would do it again in the same circumstances.
    Hope they have to pay the legal fees for those seeking to ensure Women are allowed to control their own bodies.

  • Fatesrider

    I'd like to see a comprehensive look at crime statistics in Red States which have made getting a legal abortion very difficult. I expect to see an increase in juvenile crime at first, then an increase in crime in teens and finally, after about 18 years, adult crimes.

    After legal abortions became a civil right, the crime rates went down, starting with juvenile crimes, then teen crimes, then the criminals got a lot older as time passed. This is why crime rates today are so much lower than they were back before Roe v. Wade was decided. Unwanted/unplanned children become criminals far more often than wanted/planned children do. That's because the unwanted/unplanned often end up living and being raised in poverty, with little or no opportunity to get ahead (especially in today's America where the wealthy have more and the poor have less than at any time in our history).

    So, these states are setting themselves up for crime waves, which will cost the taxpayers far and away more than they're paying now. And that doesn't even begin to add up to the cost in human suffering they're creating for millions of women across the nation.

    Folks, get the hell out and vote these misogynistic, racists peons out of office before they force you to believe in their religion.

  • sg

    great investment in resources.

  • TexWho

    I wonder which GOP representative has the most rusty coat hangers in inventory.