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  • RAZ

    Take them back to where they came from and warn the rest that no one else gets picked up out of the ocean anymore.

    It is not the problem of the EU or anyone else.

  • BfloAmanda

    When are people going to realize that countries have finite resources? Yes, there are people that live in deplorable conditions, and there is famine, and there is war, and there is rape, and corruption, and violence. Honestly, the world is kind of a sucky place. I TOTALLY get why these people are trying to leave. The problem is that you can't force another country to accept you. (you could possibly sneak in and get away with it, but when hundreds of thousands/millions of others do the same, you have to understand why the welcome gets worn out). It's happening in the US and EU, and it's going to lead to a shut down of the borders if it's not controlled soon.