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  • abinc

    Hong Kong = U.S. 51st State!

  • srw

    The Chinese Communists should thank US companies that gave them facial recognition so they can route out those protesting in time. These same US companies refuse to work on US military projects. And the workers said if forced they would sabotage the US projects they are working on.

  • Howard Mccomber

    China will continue to pursue what the Communist country wants. South China Sea, complete disregard for the accord signed between Britain and Hong Kong. China has never been tested beyond beating down its own people for the rich in China to get richer, while portraying the life of Communism. Communism is dead, socialism does not work (financially unsustainable), and the US of A is NOT a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. Of the people, by the people, for the people. As for the comment from BuCCy below, you need to re think your priorities. Money is great to have but not at the expense of humanity. Turns my stomach to see how shallow my fellow country men/ women are.

  • vincehugh

    Smart move for Trump to not be directly taking a side in this matter. Never has a president been so engaged with Asia as president Trump in decades. There is change going on from the Korea's, China, Pakistan, India and Japan that are righting up that world stage that till now has kept the USA at a disadvantage, particularly China.

  • H.F. Cross

    And exactly why did the British give it up? July 1, 1997 I remember thinking, this isn't going to end well.

  • Squatty McFlubber

    I've passed through that airport before but have never been through Hong Kong itself. Saddens me to see these videos.

  • David C.

    I have to check myself from reacting to this story. The problems between the residents of Hong Kong and the Chinese government have to be settled between those parties. Probably very few people in the west have enough knowledge and experience of the situation to really understand it. I certainly do not. They will work it out; they do not need and probably do not want help or opinions from us.

  • paulbraveheart

    Tianimmin Square massacre,2.0. Wait for it!

  • M.TWAIN11

    Hong Kong will not give up freedom quietly.

  • J'accuse

    The Hong Kong protesters are showing true bravery because we know from history the Chinese regime will not not concede or negotiate. The Chinese were able to suppress the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989, which sparked democratic revolutions and regime change around the world and, and will do the same in Hong Kong. I applaud ABC for their quality coverage of this important story.

    Congress, not the presidency, speaks for democracy in America so I hope Pelosi and McConnell will unite in a strong statement demanding the Chinese government give the demonstrators a fair hearing and warning Beijing that there will be serious consequences if human rights are not respected.

  • Estoy cansado

    Local cats must be having a blast in HK with all those lasers.

  • Steve McGarrett

    These spoiled brats have a lot in common with their peers in Seattle and Portland.

  • Steve McGarrett

    Sorry, but despite my loathing for the CCP and its increasingly intrusive legal efforts in HK, I have to say as one who lived and taught at colleges there for two years that most of these protesters are spoiled crybabies who demand things their way all the time. They are not gaining many sympathizers by blocking the airport and the roads, either. This is not the way to engage in passive resistance. I'm sure that mainland Chinese regard them as insolent too. It angered them when HKongers only supported China during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

  • Geoff Schneider

    Brave people in Hong Kong are risking their lives to protect the freedoms those in the US so eagerly gift to Socialist candidates like Bernie Sanders, supported by media outlets like ABC News

  • mysteriousguy48

    Any comment from Colin Kaepernick on all those protesters in the Hong Kong airport singing the US National Anthem and not one of them taking a knee?

  • Scott Lee

    Stand Up HONG KONG ! Fight for your FREEDOM and rights!

  • Phi Bach

    Hongkongers, You show the world your courage to fight the tyranny

  • PopsFrost

    These are the kind of people who should be allowed a chance for US citizenship. People who treasure freedom and would raise their children to appreciate the opportunities bestowed by US citizenship.

  • Waverunner

    If protestors had shut down a major US airport, the police and SWAT teams would have done the same thing as the Chinese government.

  • John Keller

    If protestors shut down any major airport in America, how long would it take for the police to move in? About the same amount of time!

  • Betterthanu

    remarkable how ignorant all the commenters are. Have you ever left the berg where you live?

  • Richard in NM

    It will spread because the ChiComs have figured out an effective way of protest...

  • agreatsign

    The Democrats wish they could exercise authoritarian control, but that pesky Constitution gets in the way.

  • DG

    The original stated purpose in opening up our country's trade to China was the expectation that such trade would civilize the communist leaders.
    How is that working out.
    Not only is China as vicious now as it was in the Tienanmen Square days, it is also using trade to loot the U.S. of our jobs and money through the trade deficit.
    Trump should continue to raise tariffs higher and higher until the trade deficit is completely erased.

  • bobhope01

    Simple fact. Demonstrators closing access to an airport are in fact applying violence. No country in the world would tolerate that. Try that say at JFK and see what happens. It would not be pretty.

  • Beethoven's fifth

    Way too many people flying around the world for no reason.

  • wave

    Most biased piece iv ever seen , i saw the entire live feed for 2 hour +

    started with no cops anywhere in sight

    protesters tried to lynch a guy they said was undercover cop then first responder where stuck with the guy for 1 hour with protester prevented them from leaving.

    then plaincloth police show up on second floor to distract protesters , they exited and riot police protected their exit.

    that got the undercover out of the place then portesters tried to barricade the door (one of the few exit with like 20k ppl inside riot cop pushed them back in then one of the cop tried to arrest a stragler girl. with his hands no attack was incoming then protesters stormed him he stood up (where they got the pic of him with his stick appearing as to hit ) then they started to beat him and he had to pull his gun to make his way out. the door , then riot police made a tactical retreat and didnt show up again.

    after this the prostesters found a guy with press shirt but no ID , they pretty much tried to lynch him tied him to a cart then beat him, afterwards he was held down on ground by some (maybe fake) medic who where preventing him from protecting his eyes as they where pointing laser in his eyes at close range.

    saw it live this morning on youtube , whole chat was disgusted at the protesters , we tought they had killed the guy.

    protesters might be fighting for a cause you like but it doesnt excuse biased reporting like this

  • onlamsi

    Be strong. Good luck to the demonstrators. I wish the same could happen against theocracies in the middle east.

  • Technophile Returns

    Chinese troops are amassing outside of Hong Kong. Count down to annexation has begun