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  • biome

    If dogs become paralyzed, euthanasia is the correct response. My only question is what kind of GI disease research involves spinal surgery? I suspect the article is incorrect and that the dogs developed an autoimmune response to a GI infection. This can happen and results in damage to the nerves, sort of like multiple sclerosis. It's a rare problem and wouldn't have been expected. Biomedical research can lead to very unexpected results. All the more reason to try it in animals first.

  • CatMom

    Have any animal rights people ever volunteered for a clinical study that might involve getting injured or ill? The only way we make scientific progress is by studying what various types of injuries do to the body & the treatments we discover that might treat them.

  • DB

    Should use convicted pedophiles, rapists, animal abusers, mass murderers for their experiments, then the ones that survive, should be turned over to their victims (families)

  • tj

    Federal law needs to be changed! Stop using animals for human experiments. smh

  • Joe_2020

    How do we live in a country that still allows testing on animals. It's wrong. Period!! The federal law needs to be changed. Test these drugs or whatever on murders and rapists who are in prison.

  • Marjori

    Poor Babies. My heart breaks for them.