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  • Alsonny

    Republicans should build walls honoring those who were shot by guns.

  • Jim Bonds

    I'm getting so tired of the constant stories about gun violence while Trump and the Republicans keep looking for excuses and refuse to do anything about them.Over 90% of the population believes that universal background checks should be done and this is including Republicans. So why is Trump and the Republican Congress so afraid of the NRA that they won't even take that tiny step? There should be no way to legally buy a gun without a fully completed background check, period. We should not be making it super easy for terrorists, criminals and violent people to get guns, we should be making it harder. There are many additional changes that can be done to lower the gun violence, but this one should be an absolute no-brainer that should have been done long ago. If they aren't willing to tackle the biggest issue (which contrary to what they want people to believe, is gun violence) then they should be voted out for someone with a backbone.

  • Educated

    Poverty, poor education, and lack of self value a killer.

  • unusual

    There are a million things parents worry about when their kids are out of their sight. Getting shot should not even be on that list and yet it seems to have moved to the top of the list. This needs to stop now. There are more guns in this country than people - we do not need a gun in every hand. If our legislators are unwilling to take action, it is up to us to replace them with representatives who will do something about it.

  • mm1970

    Second grade. My baby boy is 7 and starting second grade next week.

  • BfloAmanda

    Is St. Louis trying to become the new Chicago?