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  • Damien Holland

    Remember during the protests against invading Iraq our news stations were constantly talking about "hooligans" and concerned about rioting despite the vast majority being peaceful. This is a classic way governments and the rich who own the stations respond to challenges to their control: Diversion.
    To get the rest of the population to feel concern about the 'bad guys' and feel safe those bad guys are being dealt with. Nothing about the reasons for the protest. No interviews of the protestors. No real questioning of authority. The government version of the situation is echoed without skepticism.
    We have the same problem and it's important to realize the comparisons.

  • Heisenberg

    Has ABC posted the story about the failed nuclear missle test in Russia that killed 7 scientists?

  • Pearson’s Grandmama

    So now 60K people in the streets are "insignificant". Someone must have mistranslated the Russian, or that word means something different in his language than it does in ours.

  • James Seal

    of course not. Jesus was a protester. A lot of people thought he was nothing either. Putin like all murderers thinks he is his own law. But he is the real nothing. No place in history when Russia is such a terrible place and it's his baby. check wiki under Vlad the Nothing