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  • My 2 Cents

    Hunter is using the trump playbook. "politically motivated witch hunt". What's next? "I did not embezzle campaign funds to have sex with those women." I hope his wife got a good lawyer.

  • April

    CA GOP is totally corrupt.

  • Lee Thompson

    Another lecherous con man. It appears he feels he's entitled to whatever he wants - women, money, special consideration in the courts. IMO, the trial needs to begin on schedule. He can appeal if/when he's convicted.

  • rontron

    Another politician who thinks the laws don't apply to him. Arrogant much?

  • Jackee

    this guy is useless hateful tool. hope he goes to jail ..

  • forest_gnome

    This crook won re-election by disparaging his opponent's racial and religious background, even after he himself was indicted. He's as much a white supremacist as tRump, and so are a lot of the folks in his district. California has its pockets of racist wingnuts, and the east county of San Diego is one of the worst. He's not likely to find a more "Republican-friendly" venue in the state.

  • Tired of the BS

    A crook is a crook, regardless of the party affiliation. Lock him up and make him pay the money back.


    Republican and corruption. They just go together.

  • Pearson’s Grandmama

    And so? People in hell want a drink of water, too.....and they ain't getting it either. Go sit down, Hunter.

  • Keith

    Whether the prosecution was politically motivated or not is completely irrelevant. The only thing relevant is the facts, and if they suggest you broke the law, you get prosecuted.

    Even if that prosecution just happens to satisfy the political motivations of the prosecutors.

  • Grrrrrr

    He wants it moved to an area more friendly to Republicans... disgusting.