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  • Midwesttalkingpoints

    With Australia having plenty of empty room in the Outback, this nutcase should face a firing squad......It appears he wanted suicide by cop, well he got something better , he can do 50 years in prison...

  • Dosadi

    And what did it take to stop him?

    2 chairs and a milk crate!

    Untrained civilians took this guy down with 2 chairs and a milk crate. They did not need to kill him just because he had a knife.

  • just saying

    no need to get rid of your guns people.

  • Dukedaddy

    Proof that Trump has exported his racist and bigoted hate world wide.

  • reality25

    Meanwhile regarding the recent Norway mosque attack-

    "A Norwegian man suspected of killing his stepsister and then storming an Oslo mosque with guns appeared in court Monday with a smirk on his bruised face as evidence grew that he sought to emulate attacks by white supremacists in the U.S. and New Zealand."
    It's rather interesting that the U.S has become a world leader and role model for mass shooters and far right terrorists.

  • andyandersonusa

    The usual excuse for the religion of peace getting violent is a claim of mental illness. Did the illness originate from the religion conflicting with peaceful societal norms perhaps?

  • Regional Rebel

    So will there be a group of people wanting to ban knives now, instead of dealing with the lack of mental health care in so many countries?

  • Mom825

    USA issue a warning! Do not travel this country!

  • Eteamer

    If it were in America he would have had an AR-15 with a 100 round mag.

  • Chips_Ahoy

    Outlawing guns will make them disappear just like the war on drugs has kept drugs from crossing the border and being brought into schools and even prisons.

  • AnonymousWatches

    Ah, back to the usual BS about guns and the 2nd Amendment.

  • FierceAngels

    Good thing he wasn't an American, Americans can easily buy weapons that would have turned this horrific knife attack into a full scale massacre within a minute. 'Must respect the NRA' says the orangutan in chief. Vote him out, lock him up.

  • Jack

    guns 20; knife 1... and the winner is..

  • wilkinak

    Knife wielding guy shouting "Allahu Akbar" isn't terrorism, got it.

  • xbutter

    Before the US became saturated with semi-automatic weapons, the best a shooter in a crowd (not a sniper in a building) could do to commit a mass killing was acquire a revolver. He could get off six rounds. People could even keep track of how many shots were still readily available. Today's US mass killers don't have any of those disadvantages thanks to easily obtainable semi-automatic rifles and pistols, unlimited magazines, and as much available ammunition as they can carry. They could instead follow the NRA's preposterous logic that knives and heavy rocks can also kill, and they're not regulated so why regulate guns, and carry instead a few score of knives and a duffel bag full of rocks, but for some reason they never go that route.

  • Lindy McGuire

    If this had happened (and does happen) in the US, he could have had a semi gun and killed 100's.

  • TexWho

    "A number of members of the public physically restrained the offender,"

    A bit surprising he was not suffering from more serious injuries.
    Where are all the football hooligans when their presence could prove to be useful?

  • JuPMod

    Good thing he was just wielding a knife so others can easily subdue him. Yeah, he did harm, but not everyone ran as I guess this guy thought would happen.


    When a society isn't saturated with easy to get assault rifles, this is the result of a terrorist attack.