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  • Thomas

    This most likely won't go well.

    I hope no one gets killed or injured

  • SouthSideGhost

    As bad as the media hopes Portland will be this weekend I project a minimum of 10X wounded in Chicago over Portland this weekend. (No “far right groups” necessary)

  • Jack Needham

    Just ignore them and let them do their stupid little march by themselves. The media whipping people like the antifa knuckleheads up is what leads to the violence in these incidents. If you must watch them just laugh.

  • Eric

    There are good people on both sides folks...

  • QuadGranny

    I am so sick of the far right and the far left. Why can't we meet in the middle? Put some common sense back into our lives and common decency towards one another? Wish the media would just ignore the nuts!!

  • sane one

    Hard choice, root for the far left Antifa group who attacks and destroys or the far right whacks that want to remove all minorities??? Decisions, decisions? One thing I think I can count on is many police officers calling out sick that day. Don't blame them for it. I do blame local government officials though for being so lax on Antifa. That's probably why the far right whacks are coming.

  • Colinalcarz

    So the alt right nut jobs are gathering to provoke a violent confrontation with Antifa to show that Antifa should be listed as domestic terrorists? Hate groups couldn’t just have meetings and make persuasive speeches? This is what they think will convince politicians that they have a rational case?

  • foldincaulfield

    I wonder why the media refers to them as "far right" rallies instead of "neo-Nazi rallies.

  • Ăskew

    Should just let them have their little rally and ignore them. The reaction is what the want

  • Lee Thompson

    My heart goes out to Portland police.

  • Uraq Lowique

    Bring out the national guard and put down anybody who is out of line.

  • Phillip Franklin

    Solution: White hoods and dunce caps keep to the right, black hoods and bandannas to the left, and only a supply of rotten fruit to throw at one another. Simple, no?

  • Lee-Anne Griffin

    I have no interest in the positions of these far right goombas. However, let's not put all the violence blame on them. The far left goofs have been causing violence for quite a while in Portland. What scares me is that, for some reason, if you don't condemn one side "properly" you become an enemy of the other side. The reality is that most of us middle of the road people are sick to death of BOTH sides condoning violence as long as it is their side. I think an honest headline would be, "Fringe groups from across the political spectrum are causing Portland to brace for violence."

  • wise old indian

    My sympathies and respect to the law enforcement officers of Portland and all of Oregon. All of the US for that matter. You folks are being put in the middle of out of control, sometimes violent political arguments that you shouldn’t have to deal with. My hat is off to you and prayers for you.
    Good luck.

  • Eagle

    Donny's rhetoric does bring people together - such as the dirtbags on the right

  • Billy Boob

    Why do members of antifa feel the need to hide their faces?

  • Barry Muth

    But I'm sure there are 'many fine people' amongst them, eh Donnie?

  • David

    I guess some folks just have more time than they have sense. If you ain't got a job get a hobby. I see the biggest problem with hate groups are they just can't live and let live. Really, why are they so angry at folks they don't even know?