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  • angelo78

    The general population suicide rate across the US increased 34% from 2000 to 2016 according to CNN.

  • angelo78

    It's about 13% higher than the rate of male suicides in the general population in NYC.

  • scubad4ny

    another bad cop off the streets, saves the life of honest citizens who he/she would abuse or murder

  • Uptownman

    Considering the way that cities like New York view/treat law enforcement, it's not a surprise.

  • Jack Cole

    Clinton did it.

  • Thomas

    The police see things every day that would give them nightmares.

  • Lee Thompson

    That factors out at one a month. As a nation, we don't deal with psychological issues well. I feel for police. They have huge responsibility and face scrutiny for split second decisions and reactions. There's a lot of pressure on our police, and their work effort is often thankless.

  • Damien Holland

    The disease has many causes and the solution is not one-size-fits-all. It can take years of research and trial-and-error on the part of the sufferer. Dealing with it takes tremendous willpower and many just don't have that will or ability.
    What works for one person can be totally useless to another.

  • Bill Paish

    Something vets, cops and firefighters all have in common, they have all seen how easy and quickly a human being can become nothing more than a piece ( sometimes very small pieces ) of dead meat. It can be very disturbing and sometimes hard to forget.

  • Mahlon

    Too bad.. But at least he didnt kill a handful of people (or his own family) and THEN off himself..

  • Chupacabra

    Doctors and Dentists have higher suicide rates. Apparently because they are less likely to seek help, thinking they can handle it themselves.

  • pipe

    Not many can do what they do. So sad.

  • Redpilled Husband

    It would be nice to know if the officers that committing suicide were under any type of investigation by Internal Affairs or any other oversight agency before they committed suicide.

  • Billie Bob Norton

    I suppose the fact that these officers probably joined the force to do good in the world and then having to see only the dregs of society doing unspeakable acts to people every day and every encounter is pretty horrific. And then they are demonized. Not sure how they do it, but it has to be brutal. RIP.

  • Paul Zhang

    Our society is in a state of total hypocrisy when it comes to death and animal cruelty. We talk about suicide prevention all the time, yet 3 times a day, most people are still contributing and causing the DEATH of billions of animals so that their body parts and secretions end up on our plates. Do the deaths of billions of animals not matter?

    All animal products come from violence and torture. Simply watch these 3 Youtube videos: meet your meat; dairy is scary; what's wrong with eggs? When we consume products of violence, where do we think that energy of torture and violence go?

    Go Vegan!

  • bloggette

    Has this always been a problem or has something changed increasing their vulnerability? We need to treat depression, but we also need to tackle the violence and social problems they encounter on a daily basis which contribute to their depression. These are dangerous times and call for more than lip service.

  • James Renn

    These people give alot to keep us safe and help, they deal with a ton of unstable people, many dangerous..many desperate,, ofcourse like any profession, a few bad ones are there but the majority are outstanding, we owe them much, and thanks. Condolences to those who lose their loved ones.

  • Bree Zee

    Until we take away the stigma of asking for help and actually getting help, people will continue to suffer in silence.

  • Paul Zhang

    Obviously our culture of suicide prevention does't work. Here's the logic behind it: When suicide is considered to be worst thing possible in life, that puts stigma and taboo around suicide. The more something is taboo, the more desperate people will become in this horrific world we live in full of endless pain and suffering for both humans and animals (go vegan by the way to shut down slaughterhouses). The fear of death is the root of most of the unnecessary suffering in this world. We should be more afraid of pain, suffering and lack of quality of life. We should not be afraid of death at all because we are all eternal spiritual beings just having a temporary human and animal experience. Ironically the more people are forgetful of their eternal nature and fearful of death, the more likely people will commit suicide. It is a paradoxical dilemma.

    An enlightened society would ACTUALLY provide a euthanasia service to people should people choose to die. People should have a right to die if they want to. It is not up to society what someone wants to do with his or her life. Suicide will happen regardless all the time, why not help people die in a peaceful and painless manner similar to when people have surgery and just be put to sleep. Have we looked around lately at the horrors of this world? It is totally understandable to want to leave this world full of hypocrisy, animal cruelty, human cruelty and all other kinds of unsolvable hopeless problems of war, violence, diseases, all other forms of social, political injustices?

    We should not fear death because death is simply an illusion, we simply go back home to the spirit world. What we should fear more is the unnecessary pain and suffering in this physical world. Ironically when suicide and euthanasia are not considered taboo any longer, I suspect people are less likely to commit suicide because they will lose a lot of their desperation and no way out feelings. When euthanasia becomes available, people are more likely to feel: well I can always check out anytime I need to, I may stick around a little longer until then.

  • tinyhandsdontbuildwalls

    Those Clintons I tell ya!

  • felixinmontana

    Found JE's guard.

  • Thomas

    "Both O'Neill and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio implored the more than 30,000 police officers on the force to seek help if they are experiencing depression."

    That's nice. But are officers being either intentionally or intentionally being penalized in their career if they self report?

    If people believe that they won't get promoted or won't get the better assignments because of self reporting, you can't expect them to self report.

  • just saying

    The police, firefighters and military is not for everyone.

  • Dukedaddy

    The police, firefighters and military personal live in a long standing culture that asking for help is a sign of personal weakness. They work at jobs that are among the most stressful there are. Sadly it comes at no surprise that suicide is high among them.

    This culture has to end. I know there has been steps to remedy it, but it's clearly not enough.

  • RJ White

    It would be great to know how the suicide rate for cops compares with the rate for other professions.