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  • Charles Patterson

    Why would they Announce this??? To give Warning to Illegals. Bet they will not sit at home and wait for knock at their doors!!!! Dumb Move

  • SR

    Obama was a sissy. Lol

  • CorySpartacus

    Why would "cities brace" for this? Do they brace for taking in any person who has done illegal activity?

  • Arryandan

    Trump would understand if they were someone he wanted to marry.

  • fastone

    Trump on immigration and fabricating crises to use as red meat for his base is perfect example of.............

    'Those that can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities"...Voltaire

  • kobrakai6868

    Seems to me the President isn’t all that interested in actually deporting anybody in these raids. He just hopes reactions by Democratic elected officials in a few... or at least one.... of the targeted cities can be taken out of context, run through the Republican create-a-lie-out-of-thin-air-and-repeat-it-loudly-and-often-with-Russian-operatives-helping-to-amplify-until-38%-of-Americans-take-it-as-settled-fact machine. Then, he’ll have himself another talking point he can cling to like grim death, similar to what he’s done with the “Mueller is a closet Democrat on witch hunt” lie or the “Mueller Report completely exonerates me” lie or the “economy is helping all Americans” lie or the “I stood up to Iran and taught them never to mess with the U.S.” lie (even his own supporters are struggling to buy this one).

  • Muggins8

    There is valid reason why the Courts ordered deportations.
    Not only did these people enter the Country illegally,they chose to ignore Court orders to leave the Country.
    These people chose to break the law and should be removed.

  • Pologize3

    Good luck finding them. You already announced when and where the raids are taking place. Not smart at all.

  • kobrakai6868

    Must. Deflect. From. My. Disastrously. Poor. Judgement. On. Iran. and North Korea. and China. and Mexico. and The Mueller Report. and the Economy.

  • LibertyForAll

    You won't see this on ABC.

    There was a protest at the Aurora, CO ICE facility last evening, which
    according to local news was attended by "several hundred" people.

    The United States flag was removed and replaced with the flag of Mexico by
    protestors. In addition, a Blue Lives Matter flag was defaced with
    "Abolish Ice" spray-painted on it, then hung upside down next to the
    Mexican flag. And this was allowed by Aurora police.

    I'm sure all you lovely commenters here at ABC will find this heart-warming.

  • mik8888

    Boy oh boy, Trump is totally on the warpath today...retweeting any Judicial Watch tweet he can find that will help him attack Mueller yet again, heh heh...

    In between he tweets inuendo on Clinton, the FBI lovers Page and Strozk, and anybody else he can think of...

  • sixstrings

    And an appeals court just ruled that the feds can withhold federal grants to sanctuary cities...the madness will soon be turned up to 11.

  • carcar

    All this for what? To make the Trump supporters feel better about their lives?

  • Matt

    nobody will even think about Epstein when this ICE things goes down on this week's episode....

  • Southern CT

    This is the sort of thing that should be happening every day. ICE is targeting people who have been given due process in their application for asylum, they have been denied, and they are ignoring lawful orders to leave.

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Meanwhile, China continues to buy soybeans from Russia by the trainload. While American farmers wonder what to do with this year's crop.

  • Alex Ross

    It would be cool if ICE could round up the fake, out-of-country, paid posters too.

  • Old Curmudgeon

    This country was built on the backs of immigrants and refugees.

  • Matt

    Trump will claim BIG numbers and a Yuuuuuge suck-cess of this TV Episode, but in reality it will be just another day in the turnstile immigration scam....

  • John Springer

    Nothing new, it has been done by previous administrations.
    The Obama-era family operation in 2016 resulted in about 10% of those targeted being arrested, and the2017 effort had a lower arrest rate, Albence said. Other operations that have targeted people with criminal arrest records have yielded arrests rates of about 30%, aided by access to law enforcement databases.

  • Chipnputt

    "The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly."
    ― Abraham Lincoln

  • Matt

    ICE will round up some immigrant workers, feed and house them, send them by plane to their country of origin then, the immigrant workers will return to their jobs to be apprehended all over again? all at the cost of the tax payers and profits for private contractors and SOCIALIST Jobs for the ICE agents and supporting staff.