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  • Lekyotobeans

    Not having your loved one's remains has to be one of the saddest & most heart wrenching experience for any parents & family ...
    Causing decades of great suffering to this family is evil ...
    Many thanks to the Vatican for granting permission to open the tombs for the sake of her family ...

  • Anna

    use a psychic investigator.. simple. get several on the case, it can work. Look it up..watch the videos on how they work.. get the names and call them. It works . *not everyone can be found

  • Marly Duran

    One of so many mysteries involving the church. And nothing supernatural about any of them.

  • Dukedaddy

    This asks far more questions than it answers.They must have thought they were right before they began digging.

    Beside not finding this girls remains there is another equally big question on what happened to the remains of the 2 Princess who's tombs were empty.

  • Jeff

    Empty Tomb!!! ..obviously Jesus II ... drag him in for questioning.

  • mpov

    "...the mother still lives .. " here. WOW!

  • Baa

    The family must have a lot of power/wealth. How much 'evidence' do you need to have a 200 year old tomb exhumed to look for a person who went missing 36 year ago.