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  • Quiet participant

    Ah, poor baby.

  • CommonSense101

    Hey Harvey... you think you were "railroaded"? Did you think all these actresses were attracted to your handsome good looks, captivating charm, chiseled abs and genuine kindness? Nah...... probably not.

  • RobertJohns

    To stay with the railroad metaphor, the corrupt culture of exploitation epitomized by Harvey Weinstein was so deeply entrenched that it took the power of several locomotives operating in tandem to root it out. Or, more simply, he had it coming.

  • Pro-Marx

    Harvey, if you feel like you've been railroaded, maybe you should stop fondling other peoples' caboose.

  • Liberal Southern Baptist

    Not that he wasn't EVER a scumbag to begin with?? No, his sin finally found him out, as the Bible would say.

  • notorious

    You are not helping this man by blaming others for his circumstance. He will start to believe that drivel himself and there will be more victims.

  • Matthew Meyer

    oh wow he's the real victim here :O I thought the people he sexually exploited through the movie industry were the victims, who knew? Btw, that lawyer of his is just as bad as he is.

  • Arryandan

    Rich people get to use some of the most absurd reasoning. Sure, he did it, there's irrefutable evidence, witnesses and victims but he was railroaded by the #Metoo.

  • REKJ

    Didn’t this movement start with him?

  • Lee Thompson

    OMG. Seriously? The MeToo movement has railroaded Weinstein?
    How dumb do these people think we are.
    Cosby says he's been railroaded because he's black, never mind the dozens he's assaulted and Weinstein blames the MeToo movement.
    The perverts always have someone or something to blame and/or an excuse.

  • AnonymousWatches

    This goes with: "I was just minding my own business when [fill in]." and"Is there a problem officer?"

  • j penske

    What woman in her right mind would have a consensual relationship with this guy ? Unless they're looking to further their careers.

  • disqus_8R28ZmEsno

    just playing devil's advocate, but if it's a crime to let a woman hook up with you to try help their career then why wouldn't Bill Clinton and Donald Trump be in jail for it?

  • Jane Koszarek

    Poor baby; I don't feel sorry for that perverted piece of garbage.

  • Mack Khan

    Seems like sexual harassment was already outlawed in the early nineties, so why this sudden resurgence on part of females to continue with seeking retribution and inventing movements such as MeToo and all?

  • inonepeice

    I'm so tired of the system allowing wealthy people to buy their way out of crimes they commit.

  • Rick Chase

    Ahh yes, Business as usual. Guilty until proven innocent. The new rule of the United States. I'll reserve MY comments on his guilt or innocence until AFTER a trial.

  • myopinionpal

    Correction Weinstein was railroaded by an out of control sex drive.

  • Cherry


  • Noon

    Poor guy. Don’t you feel sorry for him now ? (Sarcasm)

  • TB

    Umm no. He was railroaded by his unacceptable behavior.

  • Gargos

    None of his reasoning here is any argument against these events actually taking place. It sounds like he is trying to make a case against women finally standing up for themselves.

  • wotsa

    A rapist was "railroaded" by his victims publicly revealing his predatory behavior.

  • Joe_2020

    I would tend to agree. There have been many charges dropped already for lack of evidence.

  • Martin Tupperware

    When you laid train tracks that ended in your ficus, you weren't railroaded.

  • Wanbleeman

    Ya, right, in your dreams, mr. Can you at least man up and take personal responsibility for your actions. What is it with you so call elite right characters refusing to account for the hurm that they have done to people. Please answer that for me.