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  • Butch

    Headline says "slams Trump." Anything the Clooneys have to say negatively about Trump, he should wear it proudly. Consider the source.

  • WesternIowan

    Like other atrociously corrupt or incompetent world leaders, Trump doesn't like or want to be held accountable, which is what journalists do when they cover the actions of such world leaders. Remember, there are less than 480 heads of state and heads of government combined - individuals who must justify their actions to 7 billion other human beings.

  • mtntrek3

    So long as the press praises him at very turn... he's o.k.. His dictatorial and narcissistic tendencies/disorders can't handle anything but full compliance to himself.

  • Andrew macdonald

    Trump doesn’t want real journalists around, he wants a cheer leading squad to massage his ego and constantly remind him of how great and fantastic he is...


    Wannabe dictators always hate journalists.

  • Frederick Benjamin

    some journalists deserve to be vilified...the talking heads that like parrots mouth words of a writer who often today has his/her own political agenda makes the credibility of the whole industry suspect......

  • RG Clemete

    In the case of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS they're not journalists. Many studies have been done with a percent breakdown that shows these lean far left and consistently and favors Democrats. Many journalists even openly admit their preferences and dislike. Donna Brazile (CNN at the time) passing debate questions to Democrats in advance of the debate.. The media is nothing but an extension of the Democrat party.

  • BluntNotPC

    ""Today, the country of James Madison has a leader who vilifies the media, making honest journalists all over the world more vulnerable to abuse," Clooney said."
    The media has done to destroy credibility of REAL journalism than any nation or leader on the planet.

  • Buddhawolf

    Yeah....he did not come down that escalator with Melania in November 2016....it was in June...

  • WRW

    We thankfully do have free press whether they are criticized or not. In my view all are biased. Wish we were back to the days of real newsmen like Walter Cronkite. I have a larger concern about free speech which is disappearing on our college campuses that used to be the most open minded and looking at all views. Now if they disagree they physically attack or forbid speech! That is not America.

  • youknowimright

    Many are obviously villians and deserve to be called out. Doesn't she believe in speaking the truth?

  • Courretort

    How many journalists do you know, from either the left or right, or even mid-center report the news EXHAUSTIVELY from all points of view with anecdotes, authorities, and stats to support that are exhaustive. Almost zero. People come to a story with prior knowledge and experience which influences what the report and how they report it. I cannot believe an attorney cannot "see" why people are disgusted with the Fourth Estate overall. It has NADA to do with Trump's "fake news" mantra. It have everything to do with many being AS educated as reporters or more so and simply calling them out when they report with slant. (And all do).

  • Major Bollocks

    Being called out isn’t the same as being vilified; after all, only the young and/or the naive believe that journalists are on their side. Rather, what Trump has been doing here is more a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • John Shaft

    This is news? ABC is Fake News.

  • Jeff

    Yet the vilification is justified, even a buffoon like Trump can recognize it .. the greedy drive for profit has tossed integrity to the wind. The solution isn't to blame, it is to OWN IT, and FIX IT.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    From Trumper comments here, I guess they all want to ignore the words that came directly from Trump's mouth multiple times. That the media was "the enemy of the people". When our so called leader says that, it puts a target on the back of every journalist. It's amazing that people who fall for every lie Trump tells seems to forget how often he says these words.

  • JLS1950

    Mrs. Clooney is a very perceptive lady, if I may say so...!

  • Bob

    Trump says mean words to media caught in multiple lies. Yet leftists mobs such as antifa physically assault media.

  • Thomas R Engel

    Amal Clooney>? Isn't she an actress or something? Related to George Clooney perhaps?

  • Charlie Ennis

    Trump does not villify journalists. He justifiably villifies the biased political hacks who presume to call themselves "journalists" based on their spewing of the same democrat talking points they spewed as staffers to democrat congressmen.

  • BurmeseDude

    To Trump, who perpetuates false and true and vice versa, free press means little to nothing to him.

    If anything, free press is his biggest enemy on the front line in trying to spread his lies and getting caught.

    Trump's simple equation.
    Sadui's money >>> a journalist's life
    Trump >> freedom of press

  • lavendula38

    You tell em' Amal!!! Can't wait to see what nickname Lord Mouseturd starts calling her. Let's see...first he will attack her body or her looks.

  • Al Loveland

    I think he is slamming the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. Maybe the Press should do their jobs rather than holding the water for their government masters. Its a shame ABC gives time to this nit wit. But she is beautiful and progressive. Thus she gets covered.

  • Pro-Marx

    Trump is not fooling anybody (well, maybe he is fooling his devoted followers in MAGA hats). Social media is the real fake news, not the professional news media. His perpetual attacks on the free press are disgusting; I look forward to the day when this malignant narcissist is voted out of office, either in the general election or in an impeachment proceeding.

  • mik8888

    Of course he didn't like it! Trump craves only mindless adoration; that's why there are so many love me rallies...

  • error_does not compute

    Look out Amal, you're on the radar now

  • raoul

    Journalists really should be looking to cleaning up their own house. Calling out Trump and others is one thing but they should also be publicly calling out the yellow journalists in their own profession as well the ones that cherry pick the facts. To not do so is pure hypocrisy.