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  • bonniewheeler

    Only cowards are afraid to stand up for our nation? No one will ever stop me from raising a US flag nor saying the pledge. People one needs to stand up for his beliefs. Do not allow American haters to cause you to back down. We, who love our nation, should not back down. Be just as brave as those who do not like America. They are not backing down. They are offending those who love America. Why do we worry about offending them.

  • TheShapeOfThings

    I have a constitutional allegiance to humanity that precludes any allegiance to church or state.
    I call it freedom.

  • Yvonne Crumpler

    Well, we say the Pledge of Allegiance in the South and at 78 I am still saying it at funerals, DAR meetings, etc. It only takes a couple of minutes to say, and it reminds me of those who died to give me the freedom to live in America. Be grateful you live here, not Russia, Iran, or Cuba.

  • Jake realy Jake

    Herr Trump go back to your bunker in Berlin

  • joe

    Trump again, does not respect the SCOTUS..The Supreme Court ruled in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943) that under the free speech provisions of the First Amendment, public school students cannot be compelled to participate in patriotic rituals such as the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem.

  • Thomas

    Why would anyone need to repeatedly pledge their allegiance to a nation?

    Once is not enough?

  • DK1

    Well, dictators do love FORCED, MANDATORY pledges to them. Because we all know forced pledges are oh-so-genuine.

  • science_fan

    All of a sudden loyalty to America is important to him when just last week he said it was none of America's business if he met privately with Putin. This man is as disloyal as it comes. Ask all his wives.

  • Gumby4417

    How inspiring to have a president who is basing his campaign and governing strategies on dividing the population and demonizing certain citizens based on racial and religious prejudice. Feeling great now, America?

  • Verity Pendleton

    I bet Trump couldn't say the pledge before his election and had to memorize it after the election. Wasn't Melania hitting him with her hand because he failed to put his hand on his heart during the pledge???

  • Murfski

    Mandatory displays of patriotism do not increase real patriotism.

    When we recited the pledge when I was in elementary school, nearly all of us simply repeated the words with no thought - or understanding - as to their meaning. It's kind of like repeating ten "Hail Marys" or spinning a prayer wheel.

    I think we should all know the words and understand their meaning, but mindless repetition doesn't help.

  • kobrakai6868

    Great nations don’t require their citizens to swear a loyalty oath every day because they don’t need to.

  • lavendula38

    Sure wish we had a president that did good for the country instead of one that comments every time someone passes gas.

  • Arryandan

    And I'm sick of it. I do not support forcing anyone to say the "pledge of Allegiance" at work, at meetings or on vacation. Stop making people recite words to make yourself feel "patriotic". Leave people alone.

  • Eggs Ackley

    I wonder if Donny knows that the current pledge was composed by a socialist for the purpose of indoctrinating immigrants.

  • James Purdee

    When I was a kid, the only ones they really cared if they said the pledge were boys. It was a way to check to see if they were going to hesitate to lay down their lives when drafted.

  • Jeff Duffy

    The citizens of any country have the right to love it, hate it, get angry at it or refuse to acknowledge, salute, recite its symbols and anthem. As long as they are law abiding citizens, the rest don't matter. Symbols are not over people. Symbols are made by people.

  • BurmeseDude

    I doubt unfit president Trump knows pledge of allegiance from start to finish. He sure doesn't know National Anthem or “God Bless America.” There are videos of him mumbling here and there.

  • davecorsaro

    So after the discussion Donald Trump wanted to sign an executive order changing the Pledge's last line . . . . . . "One nation, under Trump with liberty and justice for us only".

  • Robert Baker

    This is straight from FOX and Hannity. St. Louis Park, MN has a population of 49K. Little town. It's the result of a Jehovah's witness situation. Hannity got a hold on this story and ran with it yesterday and left out the whole of it - made it look like democrats complained. He preached for 30 minutes about how democrats hate America and then he digressed into our schools are teaching our children to hate America. (I check in on FOX periodically to see how they are spinning stories.) So, it looks like I was watching Hannity at the same time trump was. lol.

  • Educated

    Why didn't Trump weigh in on how he bankrupted the DC anti terrorist force to fund HIS Independence Day Parade? I noticeD that wasn't in the headlines YET.