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  • wise old indian

    It has always been my fear that some sicko would use arson as opposed to mass shooting or even a bomb. In this case 3 died but what if somebody torched a larger building with more people in it? The stampede might kill more than the fire.

  • Thomas R Engel

    Tragically, while this tactic of setting a fire "to get even" is mentioned in the musical "Oklahoma!" it is also common in some immigrant cultures, as in the Waltham MA offices of the News-Tribune newspaper, burned out ca. 1994 when an immigrant threw out his immigrant housemate who came back and torched the place, burning out his housemate, a music instrument repairer who lost the instruments he was working on, and the News-Tribune lost all its files. No one killed fortunately--not even the guy who set the fire.

  • The Terminator

    Many years ago I went to the post office.

    As I am waiting fire trucks started arriving to the apartment building across the street.

    I hung out and watched.

    Didn't want to get in the way so stood at the corner and watched down the sidewalk.

    This young guy comes to me and asks, "What's going on? Looks like a big one." I replied, "They are taking bodies out now." and he left. I didn't think anything of it.

    Around 10 people died.

    Two days later they catch the guy who lit the fire. Spread gasoline down the hall on one of the floors. He lit the fire because he was getting evicted.

    They put his photo on the news. The photo was the guy who approached me about the fire.


  • TheNamesOrly
    appeared to be intentionally set by a tenant who was facing eviction.

    *smh* I hope if this is the case they go to prison for a very long time.