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  • Geo Mlr

    Barry? Wasn't Obama's first name was Barry when he was in Singapore?
    Man, I feel sorry for Louisiana.

  • RayDayFreeholay

    The only real threat facing New Orleans right now is the fact that the Mississippi river is higher than safe and is a risky bet by the Corps of Engineers. The Corps have had 4 months to divert river water into spillways but still hasn't done all that was necessary. The Corps had options (open the Morganza spillway and/or fully open the Bonnet Carre' spillway). Surely the Corps is comprised mostly of hard working, intelligent and dedicated folks. But seeing this, I've got to wonder if the leaders/policy-makers are politically-appointed hacks. Anyone know?

  • Onetaxpayer

    New Orleans is under water with no storms or hurricanes. We keep on pouring Emergency Funding money into the city with only a marginal improvement. Any home or business that has received any Federal money for storm damage or flooding should receive no money. The reason being the fix did not take into account flooding & storm damage occurs in New Orleans occur on a regular basis. Americans keep on paying those that make bad decisions. Those in charge such as the local & state politicians, lobbyist working for companies, and those that claim no one is going to tell them what to do. These choices just increase our debt due to unwise choices. This view point can be used on both coast, in the forest, those living in old flood plains, in valleys next to a river, and the list goes on. Americans keep on paying for the mistakes for those that do not chose a better place to live.

  • Dukedaddy

    Hurricane season has officially arrived. Get you supplies now before they are gone.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    The good news is our President will be very quick with Federal aid and resources as soon as the storm is over.

    We all know he'll be absolutely compelled to undo everything Barry did.

  • Joei

    Praying for the people on the Gulf!

  • Sunshine1229

    Oh wow! Heed the evacuation orders and stay safe down there folks.

  • Linzie Rogers

    Look out Houston. The powers that be have decided they are going to continue sweeping climate change under the rug. Although an octogenarian, I'm seriously considering buying some high, dry, and still inexpensive west Texas land. Listening to the howling of wolves and coyotes is better than listening to the howling of hurricane winds.

  • GW

    How many billions of dollars were wasted building pumping stations in NO so it would not flood. You can't pump the ocean back into the ocean.

  • Hater_Baiter

    Stay safe and get out

  • Prophet With Honor

    Everybody there knows the risk, most choose to live with it.

  • sg

    and so it begins.

  • Tom

    When you live in a city where all the rain has to be pumped up to sea level and on the other side of levees to stop flooding, just the rain by itself is a serious threat.

  • Tom
    The storm had yet to strengthen into a tropical depression by 5 a.m. Eastern time,

    Got that backwards, guys. The depression is expected to strengthen to a storm.