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  • James Purdee

    One thing Biden needs to do, given Kim's showboating his nuclear devices in videos, is to remotely detonate one or two of them, effectively ending the Kim regime through no fault but his own. Even a librarian could do that with their tech savvy.

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    "And the overarching purpose of our foreign policy, I believe, must be to defend and advance our security, prosperity and democratic values that the United States stands for."

    This has never been the purpose of our foriegn policy. It has always been about protecting the profits of corporations; suppressing actual democratic uprisings (which often tend towards Socialist economic policy) and installing or propping up right-wing/Capitalist dictatorships, opening the markets to our exports and exploiting the resources of the nations we "liberate", and diverting trillions to the military budget and contractors.

    The platitudes about our "security, prosperity (though closer to the truth, still means the prosperity of the corporations/rich, not of the average American) and democratic values" are given lip-service by both parties while little to nothing changes wrt the true agenda.

    So far, I've heard nothing from Biden to suggest he's offering anything different.

  • pbgd

    At least Biden has a foreign policy. Kamala Harris apparently doesn't even have one. What is she planning to do about Kim Jong Un? Is she planning to increase the US fleet in the Gulf of Hormuz when she is supreme commander of the US forces? Does she even know where the Gulf of Hormuz is?

  • Louis Wlosinski

    With all his experience in foreign policy, he like other Washington swamp creatures have failed the American taxpayer. No effort has been made in many decades to end the Korean conflict. President Trump has the two leaders of Korea finally talking to each other. Maybe after almost 70 years, this war might end.

  • foldincaulfield

    Why is Biden constantly behaving as though he's already won the nomination? He needs to be separating himself from the other candidates, not from Trump.

  • Bodhi LeRoc

    I'm going to assume "vision" was Biden's word, and not the authors' of this article - because if it's the authors who came up with it, they need to go back to school. What Biden laid out - in the very controlled environment of the Graduate Center where he was guaranteed no hard questions - was a bunch of platitudes, at best, and not anything near a "vision." He has never been known for in-depth analysis, discipline, or doing his homework, and that's what foreign policy requires. Yes, he's great at glad-handing, schmoozing and general "feel good" interacting, but a diplomat he is not. He also has a horrible voting record on issues of foreign policy, and really pushed for the Iraq war, essentially partnering with Bush on it.
    I would venture this is Biden desperately trying to turn the page on last month's disaster, meanwhile his campaign has suppressed all his political records (recently donated to the Univ of Delaware). It is time for Dems to suck it up and stop indulging Biden and his campaign. This is a very old guy, who wants to go backward instead of forward, and all via the most half-ass campaign strategy we've seen in a long time. In fact we all need to suck it up. We can't time travel back to the Obama years, and the mess Trump has made is going to require someone who is disciplined, laser-focused, and not dragging around so much baggage it would fill multiple airport terminals.

  • Prophet With Honor

    I'll bet he'd fully staff the State Department and fill the ambassadorial vacancies.
    You don't win the game with an empty bench.

  • Lekyotobeans

    "Vote Biden 2020"

  • morty harenza

    Step aside Joe...Please!!!

  • Store Owner

    Why is it a problem asking Europe to pay their 2% to NATO. Why is it not better to talk than bomb NK, or keep Iran from having a bomb in indefinitely Being strong, not apologizing about our past , will make a difference in this world . Being a globalist, sharing our wealth without a return weakens our society.

  • SJC

    We need a Worst of Trump video.

  • sixstrings

    Foreign Policy?

    That's like #1001 on the list of progressive priorities...there are much more pressing issues regarding how much free stuff to give away for votes.

    Foreign Policy...that's so 1990's.

  • bloggette

    With age comes wisdom. Joe is the only candidate talking about foreign policy, a subject he has experience with. Trump has destroyed our standing in the world and all anyone else seems to talk about is free healthcare and free tuition. Those are admirable goals, but not likely to come to fruition no matter who is elected. Joe is more moderate and has the ability to attract disenfranchised republicans, which no other candidate can lay claim to. Once we get our house back in order those other things may come down the pike in the future, although not to the degree that Bernie Sanders thinks they should. Joe has a history of fighting for the middle class and is the best option for returning sanity and dignity to government.

  • FierceAngels

    Wish he would just lay out altogether. He would be 78 the day he takes office, plus he is the most out of touch candidate imaginable. Pure ego that he is running. Anybody but Joe or Trump.


    Loving dictators and insulting allies is what the current regime does, so I'd be in favor of the complete opposite of that.

  • caringwhiteguy

    Two pronged vision. 1) re-institute Obama apology tour until everyone at Davos is satisfied. 2) Appoint son as Ambassador to Ukraine.

  • Steve in CT

    Common sense approach to strengthen our bonds with allies and be tougher against dictators trying to undermine our republic.