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  • Nick

    I really don't have an issue with what she did, only how she did it.

  • The Thinker

    And, of course, bullies were not punished. Shame!

  • McDuncan

    Executed poorly, but for the right reason.

  • Juggles

    When I was in grade school there was a bully on the bus that was a couple years older and would always pick on me. One day I had my fill so when he went to pull my skirt up to show my undies to everyone on the bus I hauled off and whacked him upside the head with my lunch bag... and Mom had apparently packed a metal can of V8 in the bag that cut his head and he was bleeding all over the bus. *I* got in trouble at school over it, not him but.... My Mom contacted his Mom and took me to their house after school to apologize for giving him 8 stitches. When, during my apology, I mentioned that had he not been pulling my dress up I would not have hit him, his Mother perked right up and turned towards him to ream him out because he left out his actions when he was telling his mother what happened that day. After all was said and done, the bully's Mom made him apologize to me, she thanked my Mother for taking the time to reach out and that boy never ever ever ever messed with me again... That was also 40+ years ago.... the world was a different place back then.

  • Jeff Wainright

    While I admire a parent with the stones to defend their child from bullying, this was not the right way to handle it. Bullying has gone on in schools since schools existed, and all too often bullying is dismissed as 'kids being kids.' Children should feel safe at school, not go to school in fear of what is going to happen to them once they are inside.

  • tj

    There was a better way for the mother to handle this. 9 year old's grabbing each other by the throat?! Sounds to me like there's a lack of proper parenting.

  • BuCCy

    Me personally.... I would have setup a meeting with the kid's parents and ask them to take care of their child, because my next move would be a lawsuit.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    So, did the bullying stop? I can't imagine any parent of a bullied child not thinking about doing just that. Acting on it is another matter . . .

  • Dukedaddy

    The mother did the right thing. sure she got charged with a minor crime, but she drew national attention to the serious problem of bullying. ......Job well done!

  • MandalayBay328

    Hey mom - how about this next time you kid comes home and says he was bullied.......

    "Well son, the next time they tease and bully you - just cold-ccock them in the mouth when they least expect it, that'll make them think twice about picking on you."

  • virgillionhere

    Maybe hire her. Might be a good thing for the little turds to get some tough love

  • carrollfamily

    Behavior like that will likely result in more bullying

  • just saying

    how wise of her to snick into school to confront 9 year olds. I feel her pain but, when my 9 y/o grandson told me someone bullied him I told me daughter to speak to the principle.

  • Suzanne Pope

    Now they're really going to tease him...he'll have to hear about his phyco Mom until he graduates High school...lol

  • Prophet With Honor

    A totally wrong way to handle the situation. She acted so immaturely that she lowered herself to the level of a childish bully.

  • Laurance Brown

    Did she hit any of them? Or did she just verbally dress them down? WHY was she arrested? Is our (their) school system turning into a socialist society (commie)?
    Was she armed and threatened them or the school? What's the problem?

  • Antwon

    Well she called the children bullies, so she'll undoubtedly get tons of support.