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  • Bob Thor

    She's probably Kraft's personal prostitute caught sneaking in bed with Trump and Kraft.

  • sdoubledub

    Laying the groundwork for an appeal. Heads- she didn't want the public defender and the judge made her, tails - the judge never should've allowed her to represent herself.

  • Gargos

    So, what's the angle here? She gets found guilty because of her own incompetence and then China spreads some conspiracy out there that this is a political sentence and not a lawful one?

  • s DAN

    I person who represents themselves has a fool as their client...……...

  • EnjoyingTheView

    The HUGE elephant in the room that NO ONE seems willing to discuss is how laughably easy this bumbling and incompetent woman blatantly compromised NATIONAL SECURITY and could EASILY have done IRREPARABLE HARM to our Nation while Trump , the incompetent blithering idiot, brushes this incident off with the same callous ignorance that ALLOWED her to so easily access secure areas! Just imagine what she could have gotten away with if she had been more competent ! ??? This happened ENTIRELY because of Trump's selfish, reckless and clueless ignorance about our National Security! What, if anything has been done to prevent further breeches???? Likely, NOTHING WHATSOEVER.
    TRUMP must be IMPEACHED ASAP to protect our National Security, because Trump ONLY CARES ABOUT TRUMP!
    TRUMP could not possibly care less what happens to our Nation as long as he stays RICH and powerful!

  • Matt

    I see another Trump Pardon coming down the pipeline....

  • Muddy Road

    The woman appears to be mentally unstable and likely not familiar with American juris prudence.

    However, the cost of representation in a federal law case is astronomical and would likely bankrupt all but the most rich. Meanwhile she is going to get slapped with a heavy sentence no matter what. So,...why not defend yourself?

    It's true when they say we have the best justice money can buy in the USA.

  • JuPMod

    Watch as she is quickly found 'guilty' of the charges. I do not ever recall anyone winning a case when he or she becomes his or her own attorney. I remember the LIRR shooter did that and he ended up be found guilty anyway. It's always best to have someone else be your attorney.