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  • Troyal

    Yay! More government involvement in issues that should be supply/demand controlled. Hopefully the government can limit earnings or help me spend my money to their liking!

  • Formerly_Right_Wing

    Rent controls have the unintended consequence of drying up the supply of affordable housing, hurting most the very people they are purported to help.

  • BluntNotPC

    It would be nice to know what is in the legislation.... Those outside of NYC have heard about rent control but beyond that have no information.

  • David Hoffman

    The free market renters in New York City and New York State will have to pay even more to subsidize the rent control and rent stabilization renters. If you are a long time insider you get to pay far below free market rent rates. If you are not an long time insider you get to pay far above free market rent rates in order to make up the losses of the other renters.

  • Guest

    "For too long, power has been tilted in favor of landlords" Because ownership should be meaningless.
    Notice that they cap owners income but not politicians.

  • kritikosman

    More states and cities should do this~rent is out of control!!