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  • captrick56

    "U.S. Government to House and Care for Abandoned Illegal Alien Children at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma Search for Parents Unsuccessful."

    There, I fixed the headline.

  • Timmy Miller

    Send them back!!

  • Prophet With Honor

    The longer we keep them the more we will have.

  • Ctrygrl

    The president declared an emergency and took money to pay for it. This is certainly the real emergency at the border and he should be using his illegally diverted money to pay for it.

  • notorious

    You taxpayers are paying to separate children from parents and housing all of them in concentration camp conditions. And the people who pushed for privatizing prisons are the ones running the show...and they run these concentration camps for children.

    America. Shame on you. Shame. Shame. Children in concentration camp conditions.

  • Richard

    My community has plenty of space to house 1,400 in either a convention center or a "County Center."
    There are plenty of additional places to house kids here that are either publicly owned or private
    facilities that already care for kids.

    I bet no one has ever talked to our Commissioner's Court or the BOEs about renting the available space.

    1400 kids would be very easily accommodated in my county of about 250,000; and we are much closer
    to the border than OK. Moreover, I actually think there would be a large number of volunteers
    available to help out so the kids are treated properly; including help from the medical community and the

    Uncle has no imagination, or someone at DHS just thinks the idea of putting kids onto an army base
    sounds like it might deter future arrivals.

  • thetickedoff shihtzu

    They should send them all to California.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Sill is not a great choice particularly at this time of year when Reserve and Guard members rotate in and out for summer training. Either training will have to be moved elsewhere on short notice or our troops will be relegated to tents.

  • AngeredVoter

    Why not send them to Tyndall Air Force Base? Oh, that's right hundreds of buildings were damaged last hurricane season and so-called President Trump took military construction money to try and build his wall so most of the buildings have leaky roofs and mold damage.

  • TJ Curly

    Anything wrong with just sending them back to Mexico or wherever they're from ?