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  • getridofTrump&GOP2020

    The level of rabid rage and name calling in Trump tweets is always a measure of Trump's fear.

    Thank you Donald for advancing Joe Biden for Democrat nominee in 2020.

  • Jason Hughes

    I guarantee if we had a Democratic President, a Democratic House and a Democratic Filibuster Proof Senate, you would see legislation for middle class workers, affordable health care and making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

  • Jim D.

    Meanwhile, astronomers have announced that they have found a huge mass of material inside of the moon and don't know what it is. Could Trump actually be right? Could it be that Mars is actually part of the moon? If this turns out to be true, Trump will be a true genius! He will rank with Einstein and Newton.


    Trump is not even siding with our own CIA tactics against North Korea.