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  • Marg

    Knoll and Schwander can get the name of the insecticide used on the hotel’s plants that the hotel won’t reveal by getting a court ordered investigation - which the court should do anyway, to save the lives or health of all other people visiting or working at the hotel. As for the couple this article is about, an independent autopsy is in order, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out who stocked their in-room mini bar, and anyone else who had handled their drinks. So horrible, so sad for them and their families, r.i.p. I hope the criminal responsible for their death is found and karma pays them a visit.

  • kritikosman

    Don't go there!!

  • c0reDump

    They were poisoned. I hope the FBI figures out how they were poisoned and with what. Finding the perp may be harder...

  • Hingreed

    Robert Stack: "Perhaps you can help solve a mystery. Join us for another episode of Unsolved Mysteries."

  • Not Fancy

    An independent autopsy is perhaps the most logical thing to do.