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  • FranklinMcgee

    He could have hired someone who left a mess. Either way - how is he going to explain dumping all those bloody item? They need to get the girlfriend to roll over on him. Although, she's almost a bigger piece of garbage for aiding a guy who killed his wife - especially when there are small children involved - when the only knowledge she had of the wife came from the mouth of the husband who despised her.

  • just saying

    he did it. his attorney has to cast doubt, that's his job.

  • TXbatcat

    He doesn't know where her body could be! I find that to be a strange reply, or statement. I'm sure the poor woman is dead, but without knowing for sure and no body, saying I don't know what happened to her, or where she could be, seems a much better statement if you've done nothing wrong.

  • JuPMod

    Vids show him and his GF dumping stuff in a dumpster and that stuff have the blood of his wife as well as his DNA on it. How can his lawyer say he have a good alibi when evidence shows he did do the deed? Does his phone have *vids* of him using it at the same time as the dumpster vids? I doubt anyone will buy this 'alibi' when the evidence is too obvious he committed murder.

  • Sandy Keller

    "If the electronic data confirms that his devices were in use at that location, it’ll be an open question whether he was using [the devices] or someone else was. But from where I come from, this is the beginning of an effective alibi defense," Pattis said.

    so mr. lawyer, you state that he may or may not have been the one using the devices, but where you come from this is the beginning of an effective alibi? Did I miss something here? how does that strengthen his alibi?

  • Lifeishortgetaladder.

    So my smartphone and PC are on and logged into the net at home, where am I? Home..?
    nobody in their right mind would take that as fact.

  • TexasVulcan

    So he did not do it alone. He certainly is involved considering the surveillance footage.

  • Sal Monela

    What the heck kind of name is 'Fotis'?

  • running33

    Great, now both nutjobs have bailed out of jail. Is the ex husband still living with his accomplice/girlfriend? Glad I don't live near Connecticut.

  • Justbkind16


  • Marie

    I thought his blood was mixed with her?

  • Robin

    so hubby ordered a hit.

  • KatsMind

    How can he have an "alibi"? With no body, so no cause or time of death what is an alibi for???

  • biome

    Nice try. I predict that his defense will fail due to overwhelming evidence of guilt.

  • Prozacboi

    I simply think he's lying.

  • cvryder2000

    Yeah, right.

  • Gumby4417

    There was victims’ blood mixed with OJ Simpson’s blood in O.J. Simpson’s home, too, and in his vehicle, but he was acquitted. That’s why prosecutors often feel there isn’t enough evidence, no matter what - juries ignore the evidence very often.

  • CRJ

    Defense attorney's feeble argument that no one knows if "there will ever be enough evidence" to charge the husband with murder, when the husband's DNA was found mixed with her blood. Only a matter of time before his evil accomplice girlfriend rolls over on him in exchange for something or other. What a pair of stupid, useless, soul-less chunks of meat.

  • And you believe that why?

    This headline confuses me. Why is finding DNA of someone we expect has been in the home news-worthy?

    *Reads the article*

    So the DNA was on the kitchen sink and the husband was there for dinner. The defense attorney does have a point. This is a place we should expect to find the DNA. The state is going to need actual evidence. Based on the article it appears that evidence exists. Why muddy the case with irrelevant information? In the mind of a rational juror this could be seen as grasping at straws, inducing reasonable doubt. If this guy really is guilty the last thing we want is him getting off because the state had to go on an unnecessary fishing expedition.

    I still don't get the headline.

  • Joe_2020

    With no body they will have a tough time proving murder.

  • Chuck Ungar

    Why do these lawyers who defend these scumbags always have grey hair and pony tails?

  • Baa

    Didn't I read last week that her blood was found in garage cans near his house? What happened to that evidence?