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  • Baa

    How the heck does a 2 y/o survive 5 days in the woods. Amazing! He will be a natural on 'Naked and Afraid' in a few years

  • carrollfamily

    So very happy to hear!!

  • Quantez Williams

    "He was in good spirits, looked good, he was eating some animal crackers, drinking some apple juice."

    That just melts my heart.

  • just saying

    someone was not watching the baby.

  • Rob Spencer

    Check out missing 411

  • TXbatcat

    Wonderful! Wonderful news! So happy for the family and I'm sure the dad knows by now the little ones are fast!!!!

  • K.O. Maker

    Are there going to be more missing toddlers stories,some not so happy, if US women have no choice to abort in the future? Is it the internet or have there been more children killed by violent abuse as the anti abortion movement gained steam? This kid is obviously loved, with his emergency rations stuffed in his pockets, and calm demeanor, other stories have been heartbreaking.

  • Verity Pendleton

    This is where a GPS watch on a kid is a good idea.

  • Sunshine1229

    Count to three....exhale!

  • Pits


  • s DAN

    Amazing survival story but an ending that makes me feel good this morning……………..

  • Thomas

    Awesome news.

    toddlers are quick!

  • madison55

    The story of the year., A true miracle. Wow!! What a tough kid. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU MOM!

  • TexasVulcan

    Very glad this one had a happy ending. So many do not.

  • Quantez Williams

    I was watching my 2 year old and nothing happened. Key words: "I was watching my 2 year old."

  • Marly Duran

    1 mile is 5,280 feet and he was 1,800 feet away. How did they not find him sooner?
    I'm so glad he's o.k.

  • Maryellen Amaro

    I left my 2 year old, now 50 for 1 minute to check a pressure cooker and he was gone, one of the most frightening moments of my life, found him with the dog around the corner, such happy, happy relief! Thankful this beautiful baby was found!

  • Prophet With Honor

    I'll bet I can get them a discount on a chain link fence and some gate locks.

  • maryann03

    "Authorities are continuing to investigate how Kenneth became lost..." Seems like he wandered off. Adults look in the wrong area at first, giving the kid time to wander further. As a former member of Search and Rescue, that's usually how kids get lost.

  • The Terminator

    Great story. Great ending.

    As a side note.

    The photo of Kenneth is an exact duplicate of me at that age. Really handsome little boy.

    Glad this story had a happy ending.

  • Prophet With Honor


  • snake

    Every now and then a story like this emerges that makes your day!