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  • Richard M

    Venezuela not only has three S300 missile systems but also a number of BUK's of the type Russia used to shoot down a commercial airline over Ukraine a couple of years ago. Plus they have 5,000 Russian manpads. Any one of these can shoot down a commercial plane, and with the situation as it is anybody may be in possession of them..

  • Thomas

    This only affects domestic carriers. We still have international carriers who go there.

  • Jane Gaddin

    Good to see where you stand as a "news" outlet abc. Maduro did not "seize" power, he is the democratically elected president of venezuala. Guiado has never been elected to anything, and most of the country of Venezuela does not support him nor even knew who he was a few short months ago. The orchestrated (mostly wealthy) protests against maduro are a tiny fraction of the pro maduro marches, and in fact the anti Maduro marches are also tiny compared to ongoing yellow vest protests against macron in France yet I dont see you reporting on that, and I dont see the U.S. halting all flights to France.
    Also the "economic" crisis' in Venezuela are largely due to the economic sanctions the u.s has been using against the country including the billions in assets the u.s has seized from them.
    You dont have to like maduro or the politics of the Bolivarian government but he is the elected president, elected in an election that was overseen by several countries. 53 countries support guiado? How about the more than 53 that do not recognize him?
    Shame on you abc for peddling lies and state propaganda.

  • Bud Simpson

    What numbskull would be flying in to Venezuela?

  • Muddy Road

    They are in the middle of a revolution, people are literally starving to death, the economy is trashed,their money is worthless....so what's the problem?

  • betonit

    Excuse me! Have you been watching CNN? Maduro didn't "seize power." He was elected president of Venezuela, twice - by bigger margins than Trump got. No wonder MSM is losing viewers, credibility and the trust of the people.

  • reality25

    So sad. It's 2019 and still some Americans can't or SIMPLY REFUSE to acknowledge the historic role of the U.S government in Latin American politics and the host of ugly ramifications stemming from that covert involvement.

    Absolutely amazing...

  • Robert Lablaw

    I wonder if their civil and military ATC is fixing to go down. Perhaps a screaming first flight of Tomahawks soon to be inbound? Through a 1 meter window from 800 miles away. That's some amazing stuff!

  • Florida Prophet

    When next you scream out for gun control, remember the images of those Venezuelans who surrendered their arms to Socialism. Now they are reduced to hungry, weak subjects while the government and its private Cuban-trained police force drive their motorcycles waving firearms and shooting protesters who dare ask for freedom back.

  • Kai Segelkin

    I don't mind this decision. We should not send troops or guns there, though. The guns will end up in enemy hands. It is an unstable part of the world where regimes change quickly. We should focus on problems in our own country.

  • Dukedaddy

    U.S. suspends flights to Venezuela. .......So tell me, how are the illegal migrants suppose to get home now???

  • kritikosman

    aka mini blockade.

  • jeepwonder

    Another failed marxist utopia.

  • 4902950E9

    We should do everything possible to get Maduro out of office!

  • FL_Stingray

    We need to air drop Bernie and AOC so they can fix things there.

  • RobinsonCrusoe

    "Months-long crisis." ABC apparently just got the news that Venezuela is a communist dictatorship.

  • TexWho

    While I despise Donald J Trump and his corrupt administration, I can not fault their decision in this matter.

  • JDAMTag

    Getting really sick and tired of Martha Raddatz's grim visage and manner desperately dressing up days-old news as 'breaking news".

  • Kai Segelkin

    Trump's just determined to have a war. People like "wartime presidents". Doesn't matter if it's Venezuela, Iran, or China. Any of them will work for Trump.

  • JustJoe

    How will the people receive their Amazon Prime deliveries?

    Let them eat cake!

  • Prophet With Honor