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  • USAF Retired

    That poor little guy must have been scared to death. Thankfully someone was there to rescue him.

  • The Lioness

    Border agents have tough jobs, but I’m so thankful for their presence, protection, and service.

  • newsreader61

    Wow! I read these comments and the near death of a 7 year old is just a chance to rant politics. How about instead , Thank you Mr. Waikel, you are a hero.

  • Mr. Someone

    The same people parroting "We must RESIST and FIGHT to make our country (the US) a better place," are the same people saying, "These people are just trying to leave their crappy country, so let them come on in." Don't get me wrong, applying for asylum is (sort of) their privilage. I'm just looking for some consistency in the argument.

  • IndependentThinking

    Make it clear that coming to the border with children won't work anymore.


    These parents should be charged with child endangerment