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  • WhosVoice

    If the hack had no impact, why does the story keep changing? First it didn't happen, the it did but only 1county & nothing was changed. Now it's 2 counties. Are we really expected to believe Russia gained access & did nothing?

  • Saint

    I am curious when exactly Obama knew about this...he scoffed and mocked those saying our elections could be hacked. Obama also allowed the Russians to run roughshod over the election and he coddled them because he needed their support for his Iran deal. (and he laughed off Romney's assertion that they were our greatest geo political foe) How much did he know?
    We may get those answers very soon.

    Oh and DeSantis is only confirming what the FBI already let out of the bag quite a while ago...and he somehow forced them into giving details. (w/Rubio helping) To say he is hiding something by not disclosing the counties is ludicrous. You want blame, this happened under Obama.

  • TrueBlue

    Trump is an illegitimate president.


    Putin wanted Trump to win. That's all we need to know. American conservatives must be so proud that a KGB agent supported their president.

  • Cadet Bonespurs

    Why do we even let Florida vote?
    Didn't we learn our lesson in 2000?

  • minoritybabble

    Weird. Everyone mocked Bill Nelson when he brought this up during the 2018 election. Little Marco said nothing. Now DeSantis gets to look like he is breaking news.

  • Bill Rose


  • BIAB_

    Why does the FBI need the counties kept a secret? Russia knows which ones they hacked.

  • Onetaxpayer

    The election needs to held again in the districts that had the breach. I believe the Russians are that good that we would no know. If this changes the outcome for some Federal, State or local office this will do the right thing. No politics needed.

  • TrueBlue

    Neither the White House nor Republicans in Congress have done anything to secure our elections. Why? Because they are the benefactors.

  • Erika

    The election was rigged trump won by a few thousand votes in states Hillary was suppose to win deep state conspiracy yes but for whom?

  • Camelio

    I supported a few forensics after breaches over the years. The rules are simple:

    1) Don't ever admit you were breached

    2) If rule #1 fails, don't ever admit that data was lost

    3) If rule #2 fails, don't ever admit that data was changed

    4) If rule #3 fails, you will already have been fired

    Organizations NEVER, NEVER admit that databases were changed, unless an external force PROVES it, and then releases that information. Often, by threat of a lawsuit.

    I would bet a paycheck that the database was changed, and voters were dropped. Don't know that, but its a good bet.

  • Dukedaddy

    So voter databases are hacked by the Russians but not tampered with. YA RIGHT!!

  • Eteamer

    This is an act of war. And guess who is giving aid to our enemy.

  • TweetyBird

    Wait! No! It can't be! Didn't Trump say Russia is our friend and he sent the Sos to apologize for what that nasty Mueller said in his report about Russia interfering with the election?

    The Orange Bonehead is NEVER wrong right...

  • MdawgMike

    The irony is that FL might end up with accurate voting for the first time.

  • Dosadi

    They keep pressing the claim that nothing was changed so no votes were altered.

    But what if they gathered the data on the voting habits of the individuals?
    What if that data told them who was likely to not vote?
    Could they then send in absentee ballots from the correct zip codes for the voters less likely to vote?
    Yes they could.
    So if that happened what if the voter decides to vote?
    The absentee ballot is thrown away with no questions asked.
    Is this a perfect crime?


  • Cherry

    So there is proof Russians hacked the voting machines, but no proof that they did anything.

    I would strongly suspect that there is no proof that they did not do anything.

    The following sounds like CYA complete BS:
    "There was no manipulation or anything but there was voter data that was able to be [had]. Now that voter data I think was public anyways, nevertheless those were intrusions," DeSantis said

  • Cadet Bonespurs


  • (((PirateCafe))) 25/*45

    Broward County was probably one of them.

  • c0reDump

    Let me guess: Thousands upon thousands of voters were purged from the voter rolls in certain ZIP codes.

    To help Trump, of course.

  • THEFred

    "...though there's no evidence any of the data was tampered with..."

    So they went to all the trouble to hack into the voter systems just for giggles.

  • 2scoops

    Took my car in to be repaired, but when the mechanic asked what was wrong, I told him I wouldn't tell him.

  • Arryandan

    What's the incentive to protect the voting process from interference? It's how they get elected, Trump loves them so much, he promised on National TV, to reward Putin if they hacked Hillary. Let's check to see if he's repaying them.

  • Adam Rapport

    Trump as POTUS has picked fights with the leader of every nation except Russia.

  • Renate

    that there is a non disclosure agreement between florida and the FBI is ridiculous. The people have a right to know if their data bases were hacked. It's outrageous that they won't tell us where, who was affected and how it happened.

  • Near62 14

    Must be a hoax.

    Putin says .....

    Trump says .....

  • 2scoops

    While America sits and waits.

  • hopesprings52

    They've got to be Broward and Dade Counties. If the votes were taken fairly and counted accurately in those two counties, Florida would elect Dems every time.

  • james jones

    Only German Hackers retain the intellectual capacity for infiltration of the digital system to electronic ballots. Even Russians need years of training to improve on adware and spyware for elections.

  • Red Hawk

    Can any patriotic Republican here explain to me how NOT taking precautions and due diligence to fight Russian interference is not conspiring against the United States?