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  • Jill Herendeen

    Nothing to stop the legislature from overriding.

  • What's_in_a _name?

    The GOP doesn't want children to grow up healthy. They can't make money off them if they don't develop chronic (but preventable) illnesses.

  • Chiron Invictus

    Besides being an election thief Kemp is an idiot who clearly knows nothing about children. Kids need play time, they need unstructured time, they need to NOT be sitting in rows all day long. Brian Kemp is a pitiful excuse for a human being.

  • OzzyRobyn

    Is he funded by the companies that make ADHD drugs?

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Vote the governor out, make sure your kids get at least 1 hour of physical exercise per day, and feed them right--send lunch with them that's healthy if the school meals are trash.

    Most of the arguments here are valid. This is soooooo wrong!

  • Babooph

    Georgia has schools?

  • james jones

    Kemp should admit to his paranoid schizophrenia, political corruption, and apparent neo-nazi attitude.

  • okiejoe

    If you take away local control the hold-out districts might have to integrate.

  • NMLOBO1984

    There shouldn't be a need for bills for recess. It should be automatic that kids get recess, and field day.

  • Thomas

    recess is wasted on the young. :)

  • too blind to see

    such contradictory, non-productive people. They want our heads to spin off so we will be totally submissive to them. anti-abortion but let us make their lives miserable starting at a early age...

  • Thomas

    " “This legislation would impose unreasonable burdens on educational leaders without meaningful justification.”"

    Did Kemp articulate exactly what this burden would be?

  • riki_tiki_tavi

    Kindergarten receives 45 minutes of recess per day. It dwindles by a few minutes each year thereafter. Maybe a better way to fight Childhood obesity (as this article states was the reason for the bill being produced), would be to restructure the menus for lunch at these schools. They are horrific. Meat and Cheese literally EVERY DAY!

  • Grrrrrr

    "The bill passed by a vote of 160-11 in the House and 48-4 in the Senate before reaching the governor."

    With this vote tally, a veto override is guaranteed.

  • LittleLion8U

    Ahhh Georgia. You want those kids alive, but you don’t want them to live.

  • RollyD50001

    Unstructured recess doesn’t combat obesity. Exercise to the tune of 20 hours a week would help. Beyond that making food much scarcer is important. Feel good, half measures are not a step in the right direction. They are actually just pointless. Either fix it or admit you aren’t

  • HawkeyeDJ

    I think the governor's rationale for the veto makes sense. If you want recess mandatory, take it up with your local school board. If they are not responsive, vote their asses out. I'm a firm believer in physical activity and 'down time' for kids. I'm not sure making it a state law is necessarily the right way to achieve that goal.

  • Nikki Travis

    Apparently even bi-partisan support from both sides on a bill that would improve the health and well-being of K- 5 students isn't enough of a message to this "governor". I thought this country was supposed to be Of the people, by the people and for the people. This is what the majority of his people in the state wanted but not good enough for him. SMFH

  • Andy S

    Ah yes, the Deep South. Obese kids everywhere. Living in the 1940's politically. Feel sorry for the nice people there, but c'mon...

  • hold-the-phone

    Are there procedures in GA for overriding that veto? I mean, the bill passed with tremendously lopsided support...

  • sg

    if you arent on track for college by 2nd grade, you are a failure.