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  • kritikosman

    Never board one of these things!!

  • Onetaxpayer

    Chairman for Boeing is responsible for running the company and what it produces. This is one of the reasons that he receives the big bonus for doing his jobs. Buffet took out the Chairman in charge of Wells Fargo, and the chairman of a drug company is being sent to jail for opioids. This should mean that he loses his job as some in the executive branch of the company running part of the business. Now if this was a finance company he would receive a bonus and receive a thank you for not screwing up more.

  • xbutter

    Mitch McConnell received the Secretary of Transportation job for his wife from Trump as patronage for his years of stonewalling Obama at every turn. Then Mitch further demonstrated his excellent bootlicking skills by assisting Trump in shutting down the FAA for weeks and weeks, as part of the government shutdown,when it should have been making progress on the 737 max safety issue. Maybe hundreds of lives could have been saved from being snuffed out if Trump and McConnell had not put grandstanding for a wall above the operations of the FAA. Although, to be honest about it, there is also the possibility that an FAA under the control of Donald Trump's lackeys wouldn't have done anything on a timely basis to save any lives even if they hadn't shut it down, as demonstrated by its languid approach to grounding the airplane with the deadly flaw even after every other country had done so.

  • j penske

    "Lawmakers on Wednesday grilled the head of the Federal Aviation Administration"
    Just another dog and pony show. They need to stop wasting everybody's time unless some action is taken, which it never is. The only thing they need to be grilling are hot dogs and hamberders, at least that would be productive.

  • tet1953

    Many pilots didn't even know of the existence of MCAS, let alone how to disable it. When the angle of attack sensors failed, they were doomed.

  • Pits

    Scrap the planes for parts and build no more of them.

  • Tom K

    Ah good, politicians doing what they do best. Grandstanding.

  • Keith

    "How can we have a single point of failure in a modern aircraft?"

    That is a darn good question. Hundreds of lives hanging by a single thread of technology? Pretty scary.

  • BigRead

    I don't understand why they are getting so feisty with the FAA chief, he is rubber stamping for the industry as fast as he can!