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  • Dukedaddy

    I wish ABC news would have shown a video of the laser light show rather than the runners climbing the stairs.

  • james jones

    Irani MIlitants and Houthis threatened to destroy the Eiffel Tower with a truck filled with sophisticated explosives.

  • Kevin Bishop

    Central Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, THANKS to urban planning, not in spite of it.
    Take a look at the hodge podge that is London, compared to Paris. After the mistake of allowing the Montparnasse Tower to be constructed in the 1970s, Paris made sure no more monstrosities would be allowed to detract from the human-scale 8-storey height of buildings in central Paris. This, and Haussmann's boulevards, derided for destroying the character of the city when built in the 1860s - for military purposes, like the Interstate Highway System - make Paris the most satisfying for walking and taking in the gorgeous sights.