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  • disqus_VTtXsRxSgB

    What happened to the 700000 Palestinians kicked out in 1948 was horrible....

    As was what happened to several hundred thousand Jews kicked out of middle eastern countries in 1948...

    As was what happened to 14 million Hindus and Sikhs and Muslims kicked out of India and Pakistan ( Hindus and Sikhs kicked out of Pakistan and Muslims kicked out of India)....

    Folks......a lot of awful things happened in the 1940s - world war 2, the Holocaust, the horrific and disgraceful atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Folks.....it’s 2019, not 1950

    Let the past be the past and look forward to the future, not the past

    Arab Jews can never return to places like Iraq and Syria and Palestinians are never going back to Israel. Hindus are never going back to Pakistan and Mohajirs are never going back to India.

    Try to accept the world as it exists today and focus on what can still be, not on what could have been and never will be.

  • David

    I wonder how many Americans would appreciate it if a couple countries like Russia and China overthrew our government, kicked us out of our homes and gave them to the indigenous natives and told us to go live in Mexico? And then told us we were insurgents if we tried getting our homes back?

  • golem2

    The vast majority of the Arabs ran away instead of staying and becoming prosperous as Israeli citizens.

  • TexasVulcan

    Its funny because the Arabs who did NOT flee in 1948 became mostly prosperous in Israel. Palestine existed briefly in 1948 when it was created by the UN. The Arabs threw it away. Then, in 1967, the Arab nations around Israel said they'd "push the Jews into the sea". And they lost more land.

    Each time the Arabs start a war, they lose more and more. Israel gave Gaza to the Arabs and we so how poorly that has worked out.