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  • ruelph

    As far as China is concerned the days of the Asian people being pushed around are over.

  • Babooph

    I thought an economy based on socialism always fails? Now they tell me China is now #2 & soon to be the #1 economic world power. They make no sense.

  • Thao D

    China want the war.Why does Mr.Trump get more the tariffs? Mr.Obama is chicken

  • Rubber Banned

    If there was less Tilapia brought into the US and passed off as an edible fish, that might be the only positive outcome from this stupid trade war.

  • Roger

    Trump chided them publicly. And is making this into an open contest of 'we win, you lose' for the base.
    The problem is that China heard this too and nothing is more likely to anger them. Rational thought and compromise end when wars begin even if it is a trade war. Trump may be letting the situation escape from his control. Then we all lose.

  • William Harkey

    China's talking nationalism? Shame on them. That was trump's idea.

  • Bertd

    Time to get tough and show China we mean business. Look at where things are made before you buy them and buy from anywhere except China. Buy USA first whenever possible, but when not, buy from China last. They will feel that.

  • james jones

    Beijing Banks expect the repayment on business loans to US Conglomerates. They also hope to garner a tariff (import duty) on US electronics sold at Chinese ports for the retail sales. Apple Computers, Dell Computers, and Microsoft gain the opportunity to sell digital products to a massive Asian sector.

  • foldincaulfield


    See how that works, Lord of Orange?

  • Prophet With Honor

    China is a legitimate player on the World stage, and getting better at it.

  • Tom Adams

    China needs to remind the US that without Chinese products Walmart would be empty; and that manufacturing will never return to the US. How long will it take for the people of the US to start screaming.

  • Why do I bother.

    China seems really worried, don't they? NOT. I am sure they aren't happy, but they will seize every diplomatic advantage this trade war is offering them. They have some very big import requirements the US is no longer going to be filling. And they can trade orders for influence.