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  • Andy S

    If they agree to de-nuclearize, I say we give them food. Otherwise, they can eat their missiles.

  • lapazjim

    This could be the one thing that would get Kim to realize the U.S. has no intention of attacking them or using nuclear weapons on them.Trump can most likely make a deal with NK by simply showing compassion for the starving people.This might just move Kim towards a deal.True the relief sent to NK would have to be watched that all are getting the supplies to make sure it is not just going to Kim and the military,but there is always the chance that the people will get it.If not the supplies can be stopped.The only ones suffering at this time are most likely the people of NK and not Kim and his upper people.This might just be one thing that will force Kim to accept a deal to denuclearize.We can hope cant we !!

  • strumnfish


  • JDAMTag

    Big drought, eh? Kim should put some of his brilliant atomic bomb and rocket scientists to develop desalination systems so the country can water its crops and feed its citizens instead of letting them eat sticks and dirt and blaming their painful starvation on external enemies.

  • rontron

    NK needs to take the first step, but Kim is paranoid. He also needs to feed his 2 million person military. China will probably step in and relieve the situation, compare Nk 27 million vs China 1.4 billion mouths to feed.

  • rampantlion

    So, Kim will be putting his hand out for aid/food in 3...2...1...

  • Blue Wave

    I'm guessing all of the hardcore Kim worshipers are wondering why Kim isn't doing a better job of controlling the weather. They've been taught that he controls the rising and setting of the sun as well as the rains that fall.

  • Kim35

    I think the best bet with NK is to welcome Kim onto the world state and start actively trading with them.

    Trade has a tendency to expose people to other possibilities. True it may take a long time but you really need to take the long view here....they've been this way for their entire existence.

    You only other real option is to bomb them off the face of the earth and clearly that's not going to happen....nor is it wise. He has no real incentive to do much of anything....clearly he isn't missing meals and had plenty of weapons to cause a lot of damage.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Over the decades they could have built reservoirs instead of weapons.

  • Miguel

    And the cycle continues. NK threatens its neighbors, shoots off mostly defective missiles, the USA for some reason thinks it has to be Mr. Policeman, and threatens back. Then NK says it is going to disarm, usually in conjunction with a natural disaster/famine when it needs food given to it. Once they are back solid food wise, the threats start up again. Has been happening for decades. Our presidents, not just the King of the Liars, have bent over backwards for NK. We should withdraw our 25,000 troops from S. Korea, and let them and Japan take care of the bratty NK. Not our problem. But we have spent untold BILLIONS since the 1950s messing with North Korea and defending South Korea.

  • barclay donaldson

    ..maybe they are directing resources to military instead of agricultural sectors...duh......they are called consequences meathead.

  • BuCCy

    and we care, why?

  • s DAN

    Send him some soy beans a by product of the China trade war...…………...