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    All of this noise with Iran comes down to one, thing: TRUMP's OBAMA-INFERIORITY COMPLEX.

    The JCPOA was 158-pages of DETAILS-- which Iranian reactors would have concrete poured in them, which ones would have to allow IANA inspectors in again. Between the JCPOA and Stuxnet, the Obama administration set Iran's nuclear plans back two decades. The JCPOA provided Iran a path to dig itself out of its current situation and start being a responsible member of the international community.

    Iran was 100% in compliance with the JCPOA.

    But Trump backed us out of it. Why? For one, pulling out meant our EU friends had to be dependent on Saudi/Russian oil again. I am SURE (/s) Putin had no part in pushing Trump to make that decision for him!!!

    Another, Trump has a RAGING INFERIORITY COMPLEX when it comes to Obama. He cannot bring himself to admit that Obama fixed the economy or struck a deal with Iran for the Ages!! So Trump feels a preternatural urge to try and do the opposite of EVERYTHING Obama did, even when it was good for the US!!!!


    New York State has agreed to supply Trump's tax returns if Mnuchin continues to obstruct justice. Trump is under (14) other investigations. The heat is turning up, so naturally, he needs a WAR to use for a DISTRACTION!!!!

    And they should not let him.....the power to levy war sits with CONGRESS.

  • Steven E

    Trump knows the only thing that could save his presidency is a war. So Iran is his target. Millions to die for his inadequacy. Looking more and more like history repeating Germany 1930s had a similar leader.

  • reality25

    So much world peace and stability under the Trump administration...

  • s DAN

    What happens to the economy and the middle class for that matter when gas is $6 per gallon due to a "wag the dog" Iranian crisis??????

  • Dosadi

    but did not detail the nature of any threat

    Remember the Maine!
    Let's not act stupid again.
    Remember the Maine!

  • Renate

    Let's see....we got Isis out of Iran and Syria. Wonder what creatures of the night we will create after we destroy Iran.

  • Red Hawk

    People you do realize we are pulling people out of Iraq because when war comes its quite possible the Iraqis will side with Iran.

  • TerminalSanity

    Don't fall for this BS this go round people. War with Iran will make the war in Afghanistan and Iraq seem speedy, efficient, and bloodless. The (T)rump administration with the aid of Bidi and/or MbS are almost certainly going to stage a false flag attack to gull the country into a war that will prove more costly than Vietnam. Don't be fooled and this time and be sure to see that the real perpetrators in in the White house pay the price for their crimes against the country.

  • B-K KnightRider

    I can't help but wonder if the current SOFA legally permits US forces to launch military strikes against targets in Iraq that are NOT Al Qaeda or ISIS targets.

  • inonepeice

    This time there won't be a coalition of the willing. This is stupid. This is reckless.

  • Adam Rapport

    Another war to reward zionist neocon Sheldon Adelson for his $300 Mil contribution
    to help elect Trump in 2016.

  • inonepeice

    What are we "winning"??

  • inonepeice

    OK what are our kids going to be sent to die for this time? Because Trump needs a distraction? Because this is good for Russia?

  • inonepeice

    Where is our Congress?

  • BIAB_

    “Generals gathered in their masses”

  • cudagirl

    Well Trumpy war is what you want and you have taunted enough that now war is what you are going to get. Republicans love war because the rich folks get richer.

  • B-K KnightRider

    Trump and his warmongers have less than zero credibility. Trump's warmongers are trying once again to manipulate us into another unnecessary war.

  • just saying

    is our President going to b--- the s h it out of them.

  • Andy Hardwood

    Not surprising or new. The middle east has been a theater for some conflict or war almost every year since 1902. That area has been a political and military hotspot since biblical times.

  • TexWho

    I suspect that there are some members of the Republican party that realize the GOP can not survive a fake war. The question is, are there are any that have sufficient courage to defy their president over the matter.

  • Modoquasi

    I wonder how many of our young soldiers will be returning in flag draped coffins after Trump gets his war with Iran started.

    You do understand why this war is necessary don't you? Don't you know that when a president declares was on a country he then puts the U.S. under martial law. Doing that gives him unlimited powers to do anything he pleases because it's a "national emergency". Then he can get rid of the numerous investigations that he and his family and his businesses are all under. He can make them all disappear and nobody will be able to do anything about it.
    Keep in mind this is the ONLY way he can get out from under all these investigations. And now you know why he's so eager to get the war with Iran started. By the way if you think all this was Bolton's idea you[re horribly naive.

  • RG

    Sigh, we have seen this before. Setting up the pretext for war with vague "threats" identified by the intelligence services. Movement of forces to counter the threat. Rallying the nation against the "enemy." All timed to ensure a president gets reelected. Iraq cost over half a million dead and gave birth to ISIS, all over a lie, but as a nation we were cool with that, weren't we (the national we)? I wonder how many will die for this lie.

  • TexWho

    I believe civilization was made a serious error in the way in which wars are fought.
    The leaders of all warring countries should be required to "lead" their armies into battle.

  • RG

    This Administration is composed of liars and sycophants who wouldn't know the truth if it punched them in the face. The whole thing smells of distraction and invention. It does not make sense that Iran would attack US forces. Suicidal and would lose them European support. The Iran regime may be heinous, but one they aren't is stupid.