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  • Marly Duran

    It obviously wasn't by another inmate so that leaves staff.
    I just watched a video 30 minutes ago on how awful and inhumane the prisons in Alabama are. So many suicides, rapes and lots of violence. It's time to fix that.

  • Anne

    Lucy......you have some explaining to do

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    She probably arraigned it on the sly in order to get an easier sentence. Remember what she did - she killed someone the exact same as if she held the gun to their head and pulled the trigger. She does not want to get the death penalty she wants a sympathetic jury. 10 to 1 odds that once the baby is born and she gets convicted and sentenced she will have zero interest in the baby.

  • Misha

    Can be settled with DNA .... have all the guards swabbed!!!

  • End of Life Ritual

    If it's one of the prison employees, a DNA test of all on duty personnel during the time frame when she became pregnant will answer the question.

  • Bud Simpson

    I can't believe they're actually asking this question...DUH!

  • TweetyBird

    Even if this was voluntary, if it happened with a jail employee means that employee needs to be held responsible for his crimes.

  • Renate

    I wonder if this is a for profit jail for regular jail.

  • FleurdiLisa

    This happened in Alabama, where lawmakers believe women get pregnant by themselves.

  • just saying

    watch the cameras to figure out who got her pregnant.

  • thebobbob

    It has to be a miracle birth! God works in mysterious ways. She'll name the child, Jesus! Rejoice!!

  • Miles

    And she can't get abortion now, because by the time they will prove it was rape it will be too late.

  • Mr Wayne

    Held for 17 months without trial plus she is impregnated while imprisoned. Welcome to Alabama.

  • dancer92136

    DNA...it is a wonderful thing. Time will tell who did it.

  • THJavaBean2

    Someone on staff is getting really nervous right about now...

  • (((PirateCafe))) 25/*45

    Every current and former male corrections officer at that facility should be required to submit to a DNA test swab to determine if they are the father of the child.

  • Baa

    Wasn't Mary in jail the last time this happened?

  • Hey Beavis

    Daniel is accused of being the getaway driver in a fatal shooting and is charged with capital murder.

    Maybe she got pregnant to avoid a death sentence and get sympathy from the jury. If that be the case, the baby came before the trial, oops.

  • MandalayBay328

    Im no Rhodes Scholar - but a quick trip back to 7th grade health class will explain how she got pregnant.......

    And Im not sure Im totally buying the "I dont remember having sex" story.

  • USAF Retired

    Anyone who sedates and then rapes a woman should never be allowed out of prison. The imbecile should have known that his actions could produce a pregnancy, which would then lead to his arrest.

  • Babooph

    Surely in Alabama they have heard of the immaculate conception?Have them check for a star.