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  • Dosadi

    All of the film makers, as in ALL of the film makers are about to pull out of Georgia. These crews have women employees and they're not going to put them in jeopardy. Georgia has elected some sick individuals and the film industry wants no part of them or their money.

  • Kim35

    Ironic that right wingers like to cry about freedom and the free market as it suits them, but will cry when a legislative decision they make ends up costing them money.

    News flash: elected officials of GA can pass any idiotic law they want and see if it stands up to court challenge, but free businesses have a right to react to it.

    If GA really cares so much about life they'll willingly sacrifice the money for their principles.

    And it would be nice if they did something to show they actually care about life and not just fetuses, but that's par for the course with religious fanatics.

    Have fun with what you voted in GA.....I hope it's worth it when your wives and daughters start facing real health repercussions.

  • Betty Boop

    Each of the states with these extreme abortion laws need to be boycotted, because the pocketbook is the only way to snap them out of their insanity!

  • Brian

    Not welcomed here punk.

  • JJ

    This all stems from the patriarchal Abrahmic religions. The world would be a better place if we could get rid of Christians, Jews, Muslim's, all of them have a mental disorder.

  • Aimee

    Sorry Kemp. Georgia's days as a movie location are over and that's the fault of every single member of the GOP in your state that voted for this archaic and shameful law.

  • Gargos

    Pressure worked in North Carolina. It can work here too.

  • Congressive

    Mandatory vasectomies at age 12. Problem solved. They can be reversed when the male is ready to have a family. Mandatory castration if a male is party to an abortion. Unwanted pregnancies would disappear overnight.

  • Eteamer

    Just stay home. You are not welcome in California.

  • james jones

    Kemp has the intelligence quotient (IQ) of lawn grub.

  • foldincaulfield

    I listened to Kemp's disgusting speech where he basically said fetuses have more rights than the women housing those fetuses. How do creeps like that ever get elected? Is it all to do with gerrymandering?

  • wotsa

    6 Weeks is absurd. Bet a lot of people don't even realize that in the medical field, pregnancy is counted from your last period, not conception. So you could be "6 weeks" pregnant but only conceived 3 weeks ago.

  • Babooph

    All those women behind Trump at his idiot rally like to be controlled by old white guys.

  • Weazerdogg

    What film industry? You just killed it.

  • Verity Pendleton

    Boycott Coke Cola (although no one should be drinking it anyway), Home Depot and Delta.

  • Tom Adams

    No state that passes a restrictive anti-abortion law should be used as the site for any movie or TV show! I also support corporate and public boycotts of those states, so that no one opens offices in those states or holds a convention in those states. The economic pain will get intense. The people need to understand that the GOP party is absolutely evil and that no one that cares about the rights of people should ever vote for any member of that worthless party no matter what lies they tell!

  • Sal Monela

    Good luck with that. Hollywood will avoid Georgia like the plague, and rightfully so.

  • BD70

    I have to ask...if the republicans get their way on abortion then what in the world would they campaign on?