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  • just saying

    dumb mom

  • Roger

    This world is as sick as our lowest person can imagine. I pray that this girls soul is in heaven for eternity, in comfort and peace.

  • Braintreemate

    Nothing more than a post-birth abortion..right? Anyone ask Governor Ralph Northam?

  • Kim Suki

    Black women when did we start trusting men and allowing them around our kids?! That’s not us! Please stop and if you don’t want your babies plenty of black families are looking to adopt. PROTECT OUR BOYS AND GIRLS!

  • Disqus1451

    Scum of the earth that did that to her. Just terrible. That poor child.

  • justanewsreader

    Was she going out to get this trusted man some coke or crack to blow while ... never mind, to ugly of a thought.

  • James R. Paris

    Way too much information missing here to say anything about it, but this is an odd case since no one has been charged yet. Stay tuned for more info to come later.

  • Sunshine1229

    Here we go again! Ugh!

  • Camus53

    Babies having babies and leaving babies with monsters.

    This girl is claiming innocence. Not buying it.

    No charges have been filed yet?

    This "girl" was living at this hotel...and now "family" is coming to her support? Asking for donations....!

  • Imjustdone

    so tired of these child abuse stories. smdh

  • BluntNotPC

    Why isn't the suspects mug plastered at the top of the page?

  • Randy

    something is fishy here. Did the mother sell the daughter for sex?

  • EJ West

    Poor little girl. So sad.

  • Lee Thompson

    The mother left this child with a man she trusted? This story doesn't have much detail, but that aspect raises more questions in my mind. We have way too many children dying due to lack of proper care.

  • TexWho

    disgusting ....