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  • DaGeniusMI9

    Fat Donnie and Pompeo are the only ones tripping. Maybe they should legalize weed so they can learn to chill like everyone else, just sayin'

  • stamped human bacon

    Manufactured crisis by a manufactured President.

  • Gargos

    So, how's that pulling out of the Iran deal sitting with you Trumpers, huh? Working good?

  • stamped human bacon

    20 more months max until the nutjob is unseated. Hold on, world!

    Sanity will prevail... I hope.

  • foldincaulfield

    It's beginning to look like watching our "enemies" being slaughtered is the only way Bolton and Pompous can achieve sexual satisfaction.

  • Babooph

    The great deal maker has yet to complete any deal & backing out of TPP & the Iran deal has really made a mess.

  • BluntNotPC

    It's not simple to enrich Uranium to weapons grade.. even if all it took was throwing a switch it takes time to bring the process online... days if not weeks. To assemble it into a nuke (meaning fission) would take some time as well.. even if DPRK has shown them how. Their "best" bet would be to seed dirty bombs with what they have or can create and then only in a defensive action... The world wouldn't simply stand by while Iran lobbed any sort of bombs/missiles on other nations.

  • WorkingClass

    "Washington did not publicly provide any evidence to back up claims of an increased threat from Tehran." -- It's pretty sad when American citizens can trust Iran more than their own government.

  • Tom Adams

    The US Empire will pay for its acts!! I totally support Iran in whatever actions it needs to take to defend itself from US Empire aggression!

  • IronWolf

    Gee, when a US drone lands in Iran, thanks Obama, what could possibly go wrong?


    Funny how the tension started happening after Trump pulled out of the deal. What an amazing coincidence that is.

  • TexasVulcan

    Thanks President Trump for telling Iran they no longer have to abide by the agreement.