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  • J. Fred

    Spoiled brat kills his Mother.

  • jc11

    The amount of ignorance among these comments is appalling. None of you know Tom and you have not the slightest idea of his character. He is one of the most caring, upstanding, and motivated people I know. He loved his mother more than anybody in the world, and this tragedy has absolutely devastated him. Keep your disgusting, uninformed comments to yourselves because none of you know Tom, nor do you know the loving relationship he had with his mother.

  • j a

    So, did they live together or in separate homes? He was only 21, so guessing he still lived at home. I could see, maybe, hitting her once by mistake, but after that doubtful he didn't know who he was beating.

    Just looked up a well written article, and they lived together and he beat her multiple times. I don't buy it was a mistake.

  • Mikhail

    He must not have been that drunk with that kind of quick reflex self defense action.

  • Rodney Barnburn

    Now c’mon! Give him a break. I think we’ve all had a couple of brewskis and come home and hit someone several times with a baseball bat before realizing it was mom. Geez! /s

  • Dukedaddy

    Remember. Innocent until proven guilty! ....Like that ever happens.

  • Dukedaddy

    This is a new twist to an old problem. How many parents have shot and kill their child when they thought the child was an intruder, when the child was sneaking into the house in the middle of the night.

  • BuCCy

    While reading down, I saw the "because he was drunk" line and that pretty much answered all of my questions.

  • justanewsreader

    How much life insurance did she have with the son as the beneficiary? Just saying...

  • Comixfan1123

    So much for gun control.

  • Renate

    I'm curious if his mother lived with him or not.

  • Sunshine1229

    Unless the first blow knocked her out, i'm sure she screamed for him to stop.

  • Randy

    Ok he got arrested and has a bail amount, but they are not charging him ? why was he arrested then

  • foldincaulfield

    Hmm - I've been under the influence of alcohol many times; never felt like killing my mother - or anyone else.

  • james jones

    Summerwill should submit to a polygraph to verify his account.

  • 01denese

    The smirk is a dead giveaway.

  • Kim35

    This means one can simply get drunk and kill someone and not face any repercussions?

    I thought being under the influence was no excuse.

  • gs12

    Sounds like if you need to off someone, go to Kane County Illinois. Do we need to say "they are coming right for us" first? Can we also shoot them while they are in the bathroom (and not have to be drunk)?

  • wakeup234

    Prosecutors, however, said Summerwill was not responsible for his actions due to the fact that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the beating, according to the Office of the Kane County State's Attorney.

    Really ? So make sure you get drunk before killing someone ?

  • unusual

    Even if it had been a stranger, he should still be charged with murder.