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  • scs83

    Marriage fraud is tough to fight and there are not that many cases any way. Better to concentrate on hordes of visa overstays and deport them. They are nearly half the illegal immigrants living in this country

  • Chân Lý Á Châu

    Her lawyer is a completed liar, everybody know it's been happening for years and in every immigration lawyers through the US. Her lawyer just played politic BS

  • Doug Day

    Asians will now realize the phony marriage scam is reserved only Mexicans and Muslim congresswomen.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Very big money here. At $70k they weren't desperate slum dwellers.

  • brickmette

    In the accompanying video, the statements made by the defense attorney amount to nothing more than meaningless claptrap; he certainly doesn't seem to have any cogent defense of his clients.

  • Robert Holt

    Years ago a female cousin and her parents went on vacation overseas. She met a boy and told her parents that if they didn't agree to her marrying him she would not be coming home with them. Her parents were forced to agree. They married and as soon as he got his green card he dumped her. She never married again.
    Another cousin, a male, married a girl from overseas. As soon as she got her green card she dumped him. He was bruised from the experience but he later married a girl from here and they are still happily married.
    Don't marry someone from overseas that you hardly know.

  • Sunshine1229

    I didn't think you could marry for citizenship anymore? Sheesh! 50,000 to 70, 000k? Seems like they have enough money to do it the legal way.

  • USAF Retired

    There isn't enough money in the world for me to be part of this.

  • TexWho

    “Marriage fraud is a serious crime,” USCIS Houston Director Tony Bryson said ....
    but selling EB-5 visas at $500,00 a pop is perfectly acceptable.
    I guess what really matters is who is receiving the bribe.

  • Otis Carter

    IMMIGRANT TRASH....I did not vote for Trump, but this is why many Americans support Trumps aggressive immigration policies.

  • (((Rocket Cat)))

    Eh. It's as good a reason to get married as any.

  • Paul

    Interesting. I haven't seen this type of arrest before. Ilhan Omar listed her brother as her husband on his immigration paperwork. Unfortunate that she is not a Texas resident.

  • The Lioness

    Those people willing to pay $50,000 to $70,000 to become citizens must REALLY want to be U.S. citizens. Why do you think that is?

    (I have my own thoughts about this, but I’m interested to see what other commenters say.)

  • Billy James

    The obsession with Trump is very odd in here

  • FierceAngels

    It was a Nguyen-Nguyen situation.

  • Damien Holland

    20 years for marriage fraud is grossly abusive. A few years is punishment enough. Better yet treat them with compassion and ship them back but keep them on a list of some kind. Second breaking of the law can be actual jail time.

  • Camus53

    Chinese buying Trump condos marketed with getting US green cards.

    Want more? How bout the hundreds of Russian babies born in Trump condos in Florida getting automatic US citizenship. Marketed to wealthy expectant Russian moms, the chance to get dual citizenship is worth a lot of money to Russians and most wealthy foreigners. Trumps properties are used to house the moms till they birth their kids.

    Crazy? Sounds like a bad tv show script? Fact! Look it up.

  • Red Hawk

    Can any Trump supporter explain to us how a multi billion dollar wall would have stopped this crime?

  • Sarah Levine

    Was Melanie part of the round up?

  • Camus53

    How many hundreds...hundreds!!...of green cards did Trump and Trump Jr. procure for buyers of their condos?

    Buy a Trump condo get a green card. Fact!

  • Dr. Gurnicus Blanstonius

    And in other News, the Texas Rangers arrested Melania Trump for trading favors for citizenship. She is due to be arraigned tomorrow morning and is claiming it wasn't worth be married to Beelzebub...

    Film at 11..

  • rontron

    ….Marc Carter, the attorney for the alleged ringleader, Nyugen, told KTRK that his client was included in the indictment "because she's helped people." ……..She helped herself at $50-70k a pop. Chances are Marc is now helping himself to the money representing her.

  • Cadet Bonespurs

    Imagine going through all that effort to become an American and ending up in Texas instead!

  • BD70

    Guess a wall wouldn't help in this case.