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  • James Purdee

    "A de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver with five people on board and a de-Havilland Otter DHC-3 carrying 11 people clashed in midair "under unknown circumstances," the FAA said in a statement Monday." Everybody knows that Beavers and Otters don't get along together! They'll fight every time. Nobody at the FAA knew that?

  • justmeanddog

    Just another reason for me not to go on a cruise. I don,t like having explosive Diarrhea. I don't want to burn to death on a boat surrounded by water. I don't want to tread water surrounded by sharks and I don't want to crash into another airplane surrounded by millions of miles of open Sky. And lastly I don't want to pay for the pleasure of any of the foregoing.

  • Teri J Wilson

    Can't believe you are using a robo voice! Not good!

  • Sola Scriptura VII

    While life can be filled with indescribable delights and thrills, it is also filled with uncertainties and dangers. This is a terrible a tragedy, and for this reason, we offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the poor victims. Tragedy can creep upon anyone in the most unexpected and surprising ways possible. As such, it’s important to treasure life and make the most of every day we have.

  • jerryb

    Apparently, the weather closed in on both of them. That can happen in a heartbeat on the Alaskan coast. But I wonder if the flights were made in spite of weather warnings just to get the money, and they hoped they would be lucky. I wonder how often that is done, and their luck holds out.

  • Robertarvid Johnson

    Choose the interesting option of flying in 'Misty Fjord'. A fjord can be a narrow canyon. Pilots encountering mists might know how to navigate between the canyon walls and avoid other aircraft while justifying these risks and the pay is good.

  • Sunshine1229

    Oh, no! Thank goodness there were survivors. I wish the injured a speedy recovery and condolences go out to those that lost loved ones.

  • APG-Army

    We were on the same Royal Princess ship about 500 miles from Great Britain when a passenger became ill and needed immediate surgery. They made an announcement that the ship would be diverted towards the British Coast because rescue helicopters had a maximum range of 300 miles. It took us about 8 hours to get in range and the British helicopters lowered a basket and removed the passenger. We later learned the passenger received the necessary care and recovered. Moral of the story is to always buy trip insurance because without it you could get a million dollar medical evacuation bill

  • Taxwizz

    I am waiting for this to be the subject of a "Mayday" episode.

  • EarlGrayHot

    While I wanted to read the article about a woman beaten with a motorized scooter I keep getting directed to this article. This plane crash is a tragedy but how do I get to the article I actually wanted? ABC-you need to fix this link problem.

  • Joe V

    The people that survived were lucky. If both airplanes had been damaged to the point where they could no longer fly and had come straight down no one would have lived.

  • Muddy Road

    The sky is big, the planes are small. Seems like this should not have happened. I think these small planes are unsafe. They crash all the time.

  • j a

    I wonder how 10 survived? I've been on that cruise, but didn't take any sightseeing flights. RIP and well wishes to the survivors and the families.

  • gbgentleman

    I've been on an independent float plane tour to Misty Fjords while there on a Princess Cruise ship so this hits a little close to home. Beautiful tour and our pilot was a great person. I wished they would release the name of the company the smaller plane was from.

  • kritikosman

    With all of the modern avionics and advanced air traffic control standards, a midair collision? RIP

  • Dukedaddy

    This is very sad news. All the best to the survivors and the families and friends of all affected.