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  • FasterBadger


  • cvryder2000

    Rest in peace, Marine.
    Too many are being killed in "training accidents". This should be investigated. It was when I was young and things improved for awhile. It seems to have gotten worse again.

  • DëvïĬDőgsPāÿBãćk

    Go easy, bro.

  • TexasVulcan

    Sad for all his friends, family, fellow Marines and all Americans.

  • wise old indian

    Condolences to family, friends and the Marine Corps

  • Bob

    This crash is not unusual. How many servicemen have been killed in vehicle crashes over the past couple of decades? A complete waste of human life.

  • Frank Castle

    RIP, Marine. FYI ABC News, Special Forces is a specific part of the Army. It is not a generic classification for special operators.

  • Sandra

    Thank you for your service Sir. May you Rest in Peace. Condolences for his family and friends. I wish the other Marines a quick recovery.