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  • Vooch

    recall the verbal pledge given to the Russians to never expand NATO eastward ?

    verbal pledges are worthless from anyone in Washington, heck even written agreements are broken with blissful impunity

  • Tecumseh1768

    US also gave a verbal pledge not to expand NATO eastward. If it's not in writing it didn't happen.

    Assange, Manning and Snowden should get a Nobel Peace Prize

  • TAda

    this is because pompeo called for the us to openly assassinate a bit back. this guy does the job real journalists should be doing and is arrested for it. goodbye freedom of the press in the us...

  • James R. Paris

    He is lucky that we are not at war (officially). When he assisted Manning in breaking into government servers, he was SPYING in the most formal sense of the word. That can get you the death penalty. If he had stopped at just publishing what Manning brought him, he would not be in trouble today. Still, he is not someone to be admired in any way, as he chose his targets carefully and worked to destabilize our government. I never once heard of him publishing any documents from Russia, seems he knew that Putin would send him some polonium tea. He also helped get Trump elected, so I hope he rots in jail for life.

  • MVRocks

    Death penalty? I can't stand the guy but the death penalty seems incredibly extreme. I didn't know it was even considered.

  • jpetz

    Trump will protect Assange who helped him get elected.

  • Chris Massey

    Nothing Assange is charged with carries the Death Penalty...

  • BigJackRabbit

    I read Mr. Assange's essay that led to Wikileaks. It was a brilliant idea that was put into action and changed the world. I am sure you can still find it somewhere on the web.

    Unlike many on this forum, I hold Mr. Assange high in my opinion right along with his creation, Wikileaks.

  • cvryder2000

    Assange may be scummy, but he hasn't done anything worthy of the death penalty, so there's that.

  • stamped human bacon

    It's always possible there are more indictments still under seal. This agreement may be meant to cover future concerns.

  • sixstrings

    Like we were going to execute him regardless?

  • Outwest64

    And he's a world class narcissist, like you know who.
    Which begs the question: Do narcissists like each other, or despise each other?

  • THEFred

    Once again, Assange is a cyber-spy for a murderous Russian dictator who is trying to destroy America. That sort of thing used to be frowned upon. He's not a journalist. He's not a whistle-blower per se. Those are his covers.

  • Ichiban

    An assurance for a no death penalty is a routine request by countries that have outlawed execution(s) in extraditing a criminal or person charged w/a crime ...

  • WeLoveNancy

    He should welcome being extradited to the U..S.. Trump will pardon him, give him a condo in Trump Tower and put him in charge of a voter fraud commission. Trump is obliged to reimburse him in anyway he can for getting him elected

  • Blue Wave

    The death penalty would get in the way of Trump's pardon.

  • paddyk

    Death penalty for what? Didn't they pick him up for hacking charges.

  • Youcan'thandlethetruth

    The death penalty is much too easy; let him sit in prison and think about what he's done; and worry every day about getting beat up and/or murdered by one of the other inmates. I'm sure the trump supporting inmates would be willing to protect him, even if trump is denying he knows anything about Wikileaks. They saw his continued praise for and love of Wikileaks during the campaign.

  • Ichiban

    Countries (UK, Canada, Sweden, Equador, etc) that have outlawed executions demand assurances from the US that our country will not seek the death penalty for a person accused or convicted of a crime. ...
    "Its a routine request from countries w/extradition laws"...
    Apparently, Ecuador will extradict its own citizen(s) by begging to be rid of a narcissist pig like Assange ...
    Julian is not being treated as a special case ...

  • End of Life Ritual

    Just a guess, but I don’t think he will spend the rest of his life in prison for helping someone hack a government computer. I doubt they will seek that kind of penalty, especially given that Manning didn’t get it and was pardoned.

    In fact I suspect he would already be out of prison had he not sequestered himself in that embassy.

  • Bud Simpson

    I agree, but life in a 7' x 12' cell sounds about right.

  • Joe K.

    I can't imagine even in the wildest scenario of known facts how the death penalty would come into play with Assange.