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  • Laura R

    Awful. Tiger Woods is a liar, cheat and philanderer. No one should be using Tiger as a role model. Coming back from getting caught is nothing to be rewarded.

  • sg

    He may deserve this 5-10 years if he takes on the role of a positive force for good in the world. But just for winning the Masters? I cant go along with that.

  • Sarah Levine

    No surprise that Trump would try to horn in on Tiger's victory. That's how he rolls: look at me!

  • Billie Bob Norton

    I want one.
    Just because.

  • TexasVulcan

    A golfer gets the highest award America gives civilians? Sorry. There are many much more deserving.

  • Foxrocks

    Yeah, I'm not sure overcoming ones addiction to tail on the side and prescription pain killers should qualify for being awarded the medal of freedom.

  • Engagebrainbeforefingers

    Pulling those iHop side chics is hard work....../s

  • mikevietvet68/69

    i guess tiger woods is actually getting the medal cause like trump he has cheated on his wife with women other than his wife.go figure,only in this corrupt country.

  • mtntrek3

    I'm glad Tiger is doing better for sure, but this is ridiculous. I figure Trump cheated against him playing golf, Tiger didn't object, and Trump came very close to if not winning against him. Lol.

  • Forward forward

    Nothing against Tiger Woods, but this completely diminishes the significance of the Medal of Freedom. He won a golf tournament, for crying out loud.
    Maybe when he retires, as a recognition of his outstanding career, but he won a golf tournament! This is stupid.

  • Timulculin

    For exactly what?


    Winning a golf tournament, cheating on your wife and coming back from self inflicted troubles now results in medals of freedom? These awards no longer hold any significant meaning whatsoever. They are as worthless as Trump's fake Time magazine cover.

  • Mike x

    Tiger has generated many millions of dollars for charities over the years. Obama gave out 123 of them. He gave one to Ellen Degeneres for what? Having a TV show and telling jokes? Being gay?

  • Uptownman

    Drives drunk and cheats on his wife. It figures that's what Trump feels deserves the Medal of Freedom. January 20, 2021 cannot come fast enough.


    Both play golf and cheat on their wives. Perfect fit.

  • Rocko D

    I'm genuinely happy for Tiger Woods, who is on an amazing comeback.

    But remember he is more than a great golfer, he also has great pecs and frankly would stand out just for his pecs.

    I think, maybe a second medal of freedom for the pecs would be cool.

  • Bluejay

    Trump thinks everyone should get an award if they cheat on their wife and play golf!

    (the "Be like Trump" award)

  • Truthfully

    I guess trumps idea of a Medal of Freedom Recipient
    1.) Serial Cheater
    2.) DUI
    3.) Criminal Behavior

  • Sue

    Trump celebrating another dude who cheats on his spouse... Go figure!

  • mik8888

    Sooo, Tiger Woods gets a medal of freedom for playing golf...

    Ummm, someone want to explain to me why someone doesn't actually have to do something 'humanitarian' to earn one...???

  • Gulffisher

    Tiger you definitely are worthy of the medal but to accept it from this autocrat Trump will forever ruin its value

  • GarfieldRocks

    I have a friend who is a grade school teacher She has bought school supplies out of her own money for children who otherwise couldn't afford them She has paid for lunches for children out of her own money who otherwise couldn't afford it. She has bought shoes for children who otherwise couldn't afford them. I'm sure there are many more teachers out there just like her. Now tell me why Tiger Woods deserves this award. Donald has stated that he deserves the Purple Heart because he "hires people" Was Donald injured while "hiring" someone? Now, tell me why he deserves a Purple Heart.

  • Dukedaddy

    Of course Trump would award this medal to Tiger Woods. They golf together. I bet he won't give the award to any of the athletes that snubbed his invite to the White House.

  • MHB48


  • wd65

    On the same day as the Mueller report maybe? A distraction.

  • brickmette

    Somehow, everything associated with Donald Trump seems tainted by his disreputable persona.

  • Hater_Baiter

    So that's how trump can make it all about him

  • Harry Gaffney III

    Every Act of Trump undercuts freedom and feeds his narcissism and vanity.

    Woods is a golfer who came back after back trouble. Is this what we've come to?

    Meanwhile this pig is trying to have his base kill his 'enemies' as he declares his fake 'fatwas' against victims like Rep. Omar.

  • Paul Smith

    Republican's throw the Freedom word around a lot but spend most of their time trying to take it away from everyone else.

  • Paul Smith

    I just can't see Tiger Woods playing a Kanye West for Trump. Maybe I am totally wrong but Tiger should wait until the Democrat president takes office in 2021.

  • WhoCheckedRussia'sVoterID

    I'm sure Tiger and his people are all facepalming at the moment. trump just wants to get his mug in a photo-op with Tiger. Another craven move by this horrible president.

  • Tom

    I didn't know they gave that to athletes.

    Much less golfers. :-)

  • Robin

    From one cheater to another..

  • Grrrrrr

    Now the Medal of Freedom is something Trump gives his golf buddies...